First Christmas in Budapest

Hey, how was your Christmas? Mine was as JG and I liked it, quiet and a bit uneventful. But it is a bit different from all the holiday seasons we have been used to in the past nine years. I have already explained the love-hate thing I have going in spending Christmas back home in … Continue reading First Christmas in Budapest


Contemplating Solitude

I love telling the story of the time JG went to a work thing in Algeria, and I was left alone in our house in Tripoli for four days. Nothing much happened except on the third day, as I was washing the dishes, I suddenly thought that I have not spoken since I said goodbye … Continue reading Contemplating Solitude


I just came back from a month long trip in The Philippines, I’ve actually been back in Budapest almost two full weeks now, but I now just found the time to open my notebook and write something down. Anyway remember when we first arrived here in Hungary? I was lamenting leaving behind my Dog Jeopardy, … Continue reading Homecomings