Year End Special: The Roller-coaster that was 2011

No doubt about it 2011 is a memorable one for me. Of course mostly due to the whole Libyan crisis, it seems that the year went by so quickly and yet for the first time in a long time I feel as I am older. Around this time exactly last year, my thoughts were filled … Continue reading Year End Special: The Roller-coaster that was 2011


In case you’re wondering…

... where I have been these past few months, I have simply been spending time here in Manila. The past five months have really been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and at the risk of being over-dramatic there is really no better way of explaining it other than the fact that I got really depressed. … Continue reading In case you’re wondering…

The Hardest Part

  It has to be said how much of our darn luck, that JG and I find ourselves experiencing an unrest on our first assignment. Especially for JG, imagine, at 28 my husband who collects comic books and still has a Justice League poster hanging in our bedroom is currently living in a country under … Continue reading The Hardest Part