I just came back from a month long trip in The Philippines, I’ve actually been back in Budapest almost two full weeks now, but I now just found the time to open my notebook and write something down. Anyway remember when we first arrived here in Hungary? I was lamenting leaving behind my Dog Jeopardy, … Continue reading Homecomings


We’ve Moved!

Hello from Budapest! Yes, we have been posted on assignment. Some months ago (four to be exact), JG was informed that he was going to be assigned here in Hungary. Like most Foreign Service Departments, Diplomat’s like JG also bid for choices among a list of possible openings when he becomes eligible again, and Budapest … Continue reading We’ve Moved!

Home Sweet Home?

First off, Mabuhay! And hello from my home The Philippines! For my non-Filipino readers, Mabuhay literaly translates to "to live" or "long live" in Tagalog, but we Pinoys often say it as a welcome greeting to visitors or when we start a formal greeting to a crowd. JG and I have now been officially home … Continue reading Home Sweet Home?

One More Week

It is both sad and exciting that in one week JG and I will finally be finishing our first tour of duty as Diplomat and trailing spouse. Our experience between Tripoli and Muscat makes six years feel like a lifetime, but in some way it also feels like that afternoon writing my first post abroad … Continue reading One More Week