Year End Special: 2017 Duality Uncategorized

Here we are, 2018!

I kept thinking about the theme for my annual year-end round-up, and I was thinking something like what I did at the end of 2015 when I talked about half of my last year in Muscat, and the other half coming home in the Philippines.

I thought about doing it again for 2017 since the second half of last year was spent in our new home here in Budapest. But for the life of me I couldn’t think of what made up the first half, and as I went back to my blogging I realized that after my 2016 round-up, I only posted ONE entry, and a late one on the first leg of our Indo-China trip in Bangkok.

But I don’t feel all that bad, up until my first few weeks here in Hungary I was locked up in our hotel room writing final drafts of academic papers I was finishing for that semester. So yes, I may not have any blog post to show for in the first six months of 2017, but suffice to say that I was knee deep in important school stuff.

Anyway, now that I have taken a break from my academic endeavors to help JG get settled here in our new post, you may have noticed that I certainly became more industrious in the posting department.

Of course the mandatory proof of life entry, and first impressions, followed by our home-hunting updates and subsequent success in finding the almost perfect home away from home in the Buda hills.

By the end of my first European summer, I had gone back to Manila to tie up loose ends, and most importantly flying our old dog here with us to complete our small nuclear family of three.

As we begin to find our new normal in a new country I found some time to write about the second leg of our ASEAN trip in Cambodia. But as autumn said its goodbye, the winter winds began its arrival, that made me kind of philosophical as well, finding myself alone for a week to ponder… well… being alone.

And as Christmas came and went, we now continue to brace the cold and stay warm, hoping for a great new year ahead.

I still struggle to find a theme for 2017, I guess the one thing that comes close to mind is the duality of the life I lead as a trailing spouse. The missing six-months that I wasn’t able to write about kind of shows a part of my life that is quite different from the one that I lead daily here in the next six months that followed.

Here at post, it is as if only the trailing spouse and homemaker chunk of my personality is active and used, while all the other aspects of me – the daughter, the eternal student, the friend is put in the back seat. Not that I stop being all those things, it’s just that it isn’t an all hands on deck kind of situation.

I often say this a lot, and I guess it’s starting to be the mantra of my defining perspective in life that even though some things seem lesser than before, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just different. What I like about this, despite having to go away,  is that I get to step back and think about those parts of me, give it an assessment of how well or better I can be at it.

Aside from getting to know Hungary and all the other things I did and wrote about; the second part of last year is also interesting because I seem to have found a level of contentment and I dunno know, I guess a more mature understanding of what it means to be a trailing spouse. Not just in the superficial sense, but what it means, more importantly what this role in my life needs of me to be.

Anyway, what do I look forward to this year? More of the same I guess, travelling with JG, keeping up the home, maybe finding a project or two along the way – maybe not.

What do I wish for this year? You know whenever I pray, I don’t really ask for specific or grand things, I ask for the things I can’t control like safety, good health, and the wisdom to get through the everyday stuff both big and small. The specifics and the grand will come or will not – such is life.

But there is one great thing coming in 2018, and that my dear followers is the 10th anniversary of me and JG getting hitched and of course the 10th anniversary of this here blog of mine! Yes, this year celebrates my first decade as the text heavy, not so consistent, sincere to a fault, trailing spouse, diplomatic baggage blogger.

I’m still thinking of what to do with that, and depending on how the year goes, I hope to be able to celebrate that landmark. But for now, let me welcome this year by sending my gratitude to everyone who continue to follow and read the blog. It isn’t much I know, but hey it’s something!


Happy New Year! From our family to yours.


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