2016: The Year of Adulting

I meant to do this two weeks ago, as year-end reviews are supposedly done as the year ends. But as things got in the way, and days and weeks passed, I was already thinking about not doing it all. And yet still, I realized that this blog has been up about 8 years! It isn’t the most perfect blog, especially since not much can be said about my ability to regularly put up an entry. Nevertheless, I have been reviewing my year for that long now, and it would be a bit weird to stop now.

So if you have been following my blog in 2016, you might not notice the few entries, about six to be exact.

The three are supposedly what this blog is about, my misadventures, and as I said when we arrived from living in Muscat a couple of years ago, I wanted to show you my take of my home The Philippines. And with that I showed you what you can do around Manila, via its museums:

Around Manila

Children’s Museum

When we got back from post, one of the things that JG got into is mountain climbing/hiking, and although he has yet to win me over in this hobby of his, I still get dragged along, mostly because I love my husband despite the fact that he can be a bit pushy, and more often than not, doesn’t like taking no for an answer. Thus the post on Mount Pulag.

The other three are mostly introspective sort of posts, on what I’ve been up to while I’m home. The biggest and most practical reason why I haven’t had time to keep up the blog, is the fact that I am trying to earn myself a Ph.D. I have only gone through two semesters, and is already questioning my state of mind that time I decided to do this. Because it’s no walk in the park, the kind that makes you pull your hair out after hours of reading academic literature, and studying for tests.

I told someone about this endeavor of mine, and this someone gushed over how intelligent I must be. It is flattering, however, JG is still the intelligent one, and despite my complaints, I on the other hand is enjoying it all, mostly because, I have always been interested in the field I am studying, and I really believe that is what keeps me going.

The other post I wrote this year, was my take on what it is for me to be a diplomat’s spouse. As I said in the post, the very existence of this blog of mine is anchored on the fact that my husband is a foreign service officer, and his career has given me the means to be A Diplowife. A fellow blogger shared this post of mine, and it says that it’s my take “on the big picture.” I like how mature I seem, look at me, looking in the big picture.

And finally, like most of the world, I tried to also share what I felt about the atmosphere here in my country. I would be happy to just blog about Filipino food, its beautiful beaches, fun and interesting cultural stuff; but like all countries, especially with how weird 2016 has turned out globally, current events both political and its effects on the everyday perspective of us Filipinos isn’t spared.

One good thing about writing a rather late year-end review, is that I was able to observe how 2017 is opening for us here in my country. I’m not saying that it seems going in the up and up, actually the year still seems a bit bleak and uncertain. As you may read in my post, lines have been drawn with our beliefs and stance on how certain current events have unfolded. As the new year comes in, these days, there is a feeling of truce, unspoken, but I guess as we all try to get on with our lives, with the knowledge that nowadays convictions are defended and raised in the back of our minds, we are careful amongst each other, civil and pleasant.

Amidst this calm demeanor, you could still feel how last year has changed us all, perhaps this was the kind of change the new administration promised during the campaign period.

Alongside all this political and ethical debates surrounding our country last year, are the more personal aspects of my life that somehow defined 2016 for me. It seemed last year, life felt heavier, and I’m not just talking about making something of myself or taking philosophical ideological stands, it’s in the little things.

Paperworks you need to accomplish, bills to pay, properties that needs to be fixed or maintained, ones that you need to get rid of, ones that need to replaced, health concerns, connections to be managed, responsibilities that take up the gaps between our existential goals, and the fun/enjoyable things we do to make our lives more interesting to our liking (for some I dare say, seem interesting at least on Social Media, #justsaying). I don’t know if this an official word, that Oxford has come to recognize, but 2016 for me is the year of “adulting”.

I pride myself into saying that I am a fairly laid-back kind of person. But for some reason, last year felt a bit more peppered with a lot of pressure and stressful things to do. And if I, a stay-at-home wife/graduate student is stressed out, I think about people like JG who has a very serious sort of job, or parents, or business owners, breadwinners… I wonder how they’re taking this kind of thing, this adulting…

I’m still processing it, right now I’m wondering if this is some sort of phase, like going through the growing pains of adolescences. Is this another painful growth of a stage in life that we must push through? If it is so, is like high school that ends in about four years when the promise of independence is the ultimate goal when you turn 20?

Or perhaps it’s a new thing, like Millennials, or climate change, a generation or an environmental phenomenon that’s brought about events, technology, and cultural shifts.

If it is a phase, then I suppose I can still get through it the way I did as a teenager, awkwardly played it by ear, but with a lot of fun, and an open-minded perspective. I turned out relatively okay via that approach so I guess, that’s my plan. If it is an evolutionary bi-product of human kind, then I guess the approach I earlier mentioned could work as well… I let you know how that works out.


Something to look forward to in the blog, JG and I finally take-on South East Asia, well some parts of it.




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