2015 in Review: The Year of the Half and Half

2015 began with an end in mind, as JG and I prepared to go back home after six years of being at post. By January last year, I was starting to make preparations for a transition I was sure was going to be both challenging and wonderfully long-awaited.

2014 turned out to be a bit of a writing slump for me (only three blog posts). Important to note though that it wasn’t all that bad because it was a busy year, which included having my Mom visit me abroad. Plus notably meeting a fellow Diplowife, and through the blog hopefully made a life-long friendship.

Anyway because the big move was happening, 2015 proved to be a blog-active kind of year. Of course one of the most notable part of the first half of last year, was our return to Paris as our last big break before we faced all the things we needed to accomplish for the big return home. It was one of my most favorite in all our travels because we came back healthier and more knowledgeable travelers.

The view from Trocadero in Paris

Speaking of becoming healthy, last year was also a big one especially for JG who conquered his weight loss like a boss. Losing 60 lbs. he brought an end to seven years of my nagging, and shattering fears of him keeling over from a cardiac arrest. And while finding the right physical regiment wasn’t as easy for me as it was for him, I was also glad that our quest to become fit, helped me find a sense of belonging in places I never really imagined I would.

And as June came, amidst the numerous boxes, I said my goodbyes…


The second half of 2015 is admittedly quite stressful, as I predicted adjusting back to life after post wasn’t at all easy, even harder than we braced ourselves for. I faced traffic jams, cultural faux pas, even a tragic loss.

But it was also a year of coming back to zero (kilometer zero that is), new and old adventures, and trips that tickled the taste buds.  


As I look back, last year for me seems divided into two folds. Like two parts of a book, wherein the heroine transitions from one phase to another. It is so amazing to think how different my life was in the first six months compared to the six months that followed.

The funny thing about it is that I also felt like two sets of me lived those parts, as if the other seemed like a dream, or a past life my reincarnated present has memories of. The irony of that is that while I was in Oman, in a country whose language, culture, and surroundings I hardly knew, I found my bearings and managed to even strive. And yet here I am, back in the home I grew up in and know so intimately, feeling a little bit overwhelmed, admittedly a little bit out of place.

I do know however, that this will pass, and that one of the things that you learn in the life of a Diplowife is that change is constant, a common event that will keep happening as long as JG stays with the Foreign Service. And so I must learn to embrace it, learn to adapt as it happens, and brace for it.

Besides, love is lovelier the second time around and I would really be looking forward to falling in love with the Philippines and all its wonderful crazy all over again. She may be playing hard to get right now, getting all mysterious and cranky on me once in a while to put me off. But like I said I know her, I just need to get reacquainted, and in no time at all, it will be like as if I never left.

Here’s to hoping…



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