Here’s the thing…

… I imagine I am starting to sound annoying every time I start a post on why I haven’t been consistently, well, posting… But I think it’s mostly just me punishing myself about my lack of follow through in maintaining a regular blogging habit. I drive myself crazy thinking about whether or not I should explain my reasons, it used to be just plain old laziness, now it’s a bit more complicated. If you are reading this and you are curious and would love to spend a few minutes reading a long e-mail from me, let me know down at the comments section, and I will try to find the time to explain.


I did explain to my new friend and fellow diplowife who is posted somewhere in Asia, I met her through the blog, she wrote to me and it started an exchange of long e-mails of what I think are somewhat two kindred souls who found each other. To be clear, I haven’t really met her in the flesh but as I told her, reading her blog, and exchanging our e-mails, it felt as if I had a chance to talk the same person I was six years before when I was a new bride swept away in another country with my diplomat husband. Anyway, it’s good to find someone out there who shares a lot of the things I feel and are concerned about, and as I was saying earlier, there is one person who knows my reasons for questioning this blogging thing that we do.


Meeting her and getting to know her, has however reminded me of the good thing about blogging which is as previously stated  finding fellow diplowives like me. Plus, I seem to be getting a lot of traffic lately, more people following me on Twitter and stats consistently being seen, despite my old old posts. I also received a lot of kind and encouraging comments about not stopping, so those too are very much appreciated and would like to let those of you know that warms my heart very deeply.


Although this weird emo-post is in no way another pledge to constantly do this, like I said, I have some issues regarding blogging, what to write about, what not to write about, etc. And of course there is also the laziness part, that variable is still there, and is still a big hurdle to get over in most cases.


So there, just saying…




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