A Year of Accomplishments: The Annual Year-End Review

It is another quiet New Year for me and JG here in Muscat. Back in the Philippines, New Year’s Eve is a boisterous and fun time, filled with fireworks and festive feasts in every home, but here in a Middle-Eastern country the coming of a new year is celebrated in contemplative and serene way. Which is something I really like, because it helps you think about how you fared in the year that has past and helps you breath in calmness your approach to the coming new.

2013 for me I think is a year of accomplishments, and two major events has come to mind. The first I played a very small role in, but it was a project that I really cherished because it was something I really believe and thought was something that was really significant and noteworthy.

I will always feel proud about being part of creating this book because living abroad one of the aspects that caught my concern, are the Migrant kids, especially the thousands of Filipino migrant children, whose lives are uniquely growing as they are bound by the need to be with their family, in sacrifice to not being to get live in their homeland.

The Finish Product
The Finished Product

I have always wondered what they feel about their life, what they think about it, and how their young innocent minds manage to deal, and this book has really given me a great wide glimpse of all those questions. I am also happy that through this, their stories, and artworks, can be means for them to be heard, and at least be noticed.

Another big accomplishment for is that this year I have finished and attained my Masters Degree! In the practical side of life, a trailing spouse has no need for such attainments, because one of the catches of this life is that dreams of following any professional career will often have to take a step back as it is sometimes difficult to have coincide with your duties to your diplomat of a spouse.

Nevertheless, who knows where life may bring us, and I strongly feel that getting more education strengthens a person’s character. I don’t know how this degree may help me, but whatever it does or doesn’t just the process of going back to school was really a blast. It wasn’t easy, and there were days when I asked myself what they heck did I get myself into? But as I slaved long nights studying, writing papers and homeworks, preparing for exams, I could myself growing with every new knowledge I gain, just as music fills the soul, and as food fuels the body.

One of the best parts of the whole experience was writing the final paper, which was really something I am proud about. During such times, I was simultaneously involved with the book project, so I thought why not get inspiration for my thesis from it. I am not going into the boring details but suffice to say, the paper is a look at the lives of migrant kids living here in Oman, and how Social Media helps them connect (whether or not it does) with their homeland.

Writing the Thesis...
Writing the Thesis…

Writing the paper helped me get a chance to interview such kids in a more in-depth manner which was really something I took a lot from. Not just about Social Learning Theories, migration, and Social Media effects; but dimensions of growing in culture vs. nurture, the dynamics of parents and their kids, and the minds of today’s generation.

Anyway, I liked going back to the academic way of life so much, that I am seriously considering going for the coveted Doctorate degree. So wish me luck on that…

In the Diplomatic front, I along with a small group South East Asian Ladies put up a group that has really accomplished a lot this year, including a most successful cultural and charity bazaar, and several other projects you could not believe little wives could ever do.


Travelling, I went to Amsterdam and Brussels which was a cold springtime but nonetheless another notch at my globe trotting expeditions. Favorite part of the year was going home which turned a bit hectic and daunting, but was also filled with great views and family time.

This was also a sad year for the Philippines, as it will be the year when the biggest storm ever recorded in the history of the world has chosen to test the spirit of the Filipino people. It will probably take a few more new years until some may look back at it without being sad, but loss is always a time to start again and appreciate life anew.


In between all these things, were some downtime, and as I always say, the quiet and slow-paced life here in Muscat has made me examine myself especially in my alone times when JG is away at work and I am left to run the small but necessary details of our life like laundry, meals, bills, and plumbing. I turned 29 this year, and has definitely felt the age, not just in body, but in maturity. Not to jinx it, but I feel calmer now, more patient, and in some little way has gained some confidence, partly due to the Master’s degree, and mostly from the experience and wisdom getting older entails.

So here I am looking forward to 2014, while I welcome the challenge of new accomplishments to, well, accomplish. but there is a possibility that this would be our last year here in Muscat and the beginning of the end of our second posting.

Leaving Libya was a bit abrupt for us, so there wasn’t really much time to really enjoy and properly say goodbye. And I hope that Muscat be a different kind of parting. Hopefully some opportunities to see more of this beautiful country, but mostly I hope to visit the beach or a park once in a while and relax in it with a good book.

Spring this new year I will be turning 30 and I am bit nervous with getting what JG calls the mandatory coming-of-age passage where you freak out about getting older, and coming to terms with saying goodbye to your youth. JG certainly had his moment, and I wonder how I will handle the big day. To be honest, I’m actually okay with it, I like the feeling of getting older, and I really think that age is a matter of perspective, but JG insists that even though I don’t feel it now, he promises that it gets even the best of us, so that’s one thing to look forward to.

Oh you might be wondering, especially if you have been following my blog over the course of five years, the question of kids in the new year. I kind of got married younger than I expected, and while JG and I welcomed a baby at any point, I was honestly a bit not so ready myself. But one Wednesday, I forget which month this year, I remember it was one of those hectic days, and I asked myself if I could have handled such a time if I had a baby to take care of, and a second of thought later, the answer I have myself was a surprising “definitely”. Sadly that remains a question for the greater cosmos to answer, but it is good to know that I am in a point in my life when I would gladly welcome such a precious gift should it come our way this year.

So here is to another year! Actually just as I am with praying, I don’t wish for the specifics, like more money. or new stuff, I just mostly hope for the safety, good health, and genuine happiness for me and especially the people I love dearly.



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