One Year Later…

I guess I am really not one for keeping up at something, although I must first say that I have not completely abandoned my blog. I made this actually so that I can have something keep my writer clicking but for some weird reason, call it life, I feel as if I am slowly losing touch of that part of me. I suppose that is really how it is, as you get older, what you imagined yourself to be earlier in life, changes… Maybe one day, I will find some useful venue for my writing skill, to put it simply, I guess I am starting to accept that I might not be the next Jane Austen, not even the lady who wrote Twilight. But I digress…

What this blog is also about, is my life and times, as a diplowife. And at present, and as was promised last year, how things are with me here in current post, Oman. One thing is for sure, time flies so fast here, lo and behold, JG and I have now been here a little over a year. It seems only yesterday that I wrote about flying here, and the whole experience with Libya was as if a dream.

So how is it so far? Better than Libya of course, days are quicker and more productive, more friends are made, and thanks to having the car and the ability to drive getting to places have been a joy. In fairness to Libya of course, I kind of miss the warm and happy laid back people there. Often times I think about Bob, the big guy who mans the small retail shop in front of our house, our landlord and his little kids, Omar and Mr. Mohamed who drove for us when we needed a ride, and Marwa who invited me to her home and sample her Mom’s cooking… Here in Oman, I don’t get to interact as much with the locals, I rarely get to see them, the very few that I have met, I have spoken to very briefly. I suppose it is because they have their own thing, have their own routine amongst themselves. I remember writing in my first post here about being invited to a party at someone’s house and not meeting the owners, well one year later, I have yet to meet them. I will be here for another three years though, so I look forward to making Omani friends within that time.

As far as getting to places, I have visited fairly many of the main attractions here, the Nizwa fort, Salalah at the far southern part, Sohar, places like that, although there are still so much you can do here that I look forward to doing while I am here. Turtle watching of course, and perhaps given the chance climb their rocky mountains and get to swim in the wadis hidden in and around them.

As far as being the diplomat’s wife is concerned, have I mentioned I belong to a Ladies group? Yes me, the one who was least likely to join tea parties and socialize, now attends meetings, invite people over, and at present preparing for, wait for it… a fashion show… But kidding aside, I learned that being involved with such things is not how I thought it would be, it is not at all just about talking shop, clothes, and being pretty and presentable. It is also about meeting very interesting women who want to make the most of their time aside from supporting their husband’s chosen career in the Foreign Service. What is great about being involved in such things, is just like travelling I get to learn about different cultures and norms through the women I meet.

And that is how it is so far here in my side of the world, three more years, and hopefully it stays as calm and as slightly hectic as it is…

I am not going to promise to write more soon as I have learned and you may have notices I do not follow through anyway, so in case it takes another few weeks or months, I leave you with this picture of the remnants of an old-old town in the mountains in our road trip to Nizwa. 



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