Best Pool Ever!

There are certainly a number of things that I do not like about being a Diplowife; for me it can range from a simple matter of wearing heels to a party or being stuck in country during a civil war. Nevertheless, there are still the perks, and top of the list of course is visiting and experiencing things only travelling can bring. My latest adventure is visiting the Hawiyat Najm Park here in Oman which is the location of the Bimmah Sink Hole.

The view from the top of the Bimmah Sinkhole

I imagine some of you would think of a Sink Hole as something that is not good, but in case you haven’t seen one, as I have not prior to the trip, a sinkhole is huge depression on the earth caused by disbanding of rocks. This particular one which is known here as the Bimmah Sinkhole is located in the Dabab area in Wilayat Qurayat; it is about an hour and half drive from Muscat through the rocky mountains of Oman, via their very impressive, albeit winding highways.

through the rocky mountains of Oman

I think there are several kinds of Sinkholes, but Bimmah is the kind which is located near the sea and what seems like a crater that is filled with water. How it looked is probably why the locals believe that it was created by a piece of meteor (or something from space) falling on Earth creating this massive hole. And while most people would have swam in the usual man-made pools, I was there to take the opportunity to swim in a geological wonder the likes can only be found in a number of areas around the world.

the pool that God made...

But of course, since this isn’t the backyard variety pool, it isn’t exactly the safest kind either. The pristinely clear water will give you the illusion that hole is an easy 2-3 meters deep, but once you dive under you can see that it is not even close, as it said to be about 20 meters. If you can’t imagine numbers, imagine looking down a rocky steep cliff under water into an abyss instead. And I have to say, if you are ever planning on coming there, be sure that you are very confident swimmer, because I do not recommend it to ones that are not. Not to mention the fact that the rocky state of the surface makes it very uncomfortable for the wadding type.

As you can see I was the only one crazy enough to brave the waters, but it was totally worth it.

But if you do not have the lungs or the swimming prowess to brave the deep hole, you can always just sit by the edge and have a moment of fish-spa. Just try and stay still and pretty soon the little fishes in the water would start nibbling on your toes which they say is a good way of getting rid of the old dead skins. It doesn’t hurt at all if not ticklish even, plus pretty cool, foot rejuvenation care of nature itself.

Fish Spa treatment, promises to rid of your feet's dead skin the natural way.

Anyway for the tourists and fellow newbies who are planning to go there, I highly suggest that unless you are a brave driver, you find an expert driver or someone who has driven there. It’s not so much dangerous but I think being familiar with the steep turns can be a bit tricky for first time visitors. There is no fee to get inside the park and I think you are welcome to camp out or have a picnic. I cannot comment on the bathroom facility as I opted to just dry up and get clean at home. And like I said protective footwear that you can use around the hole, since its rocky state can be very hard on the soles.

We had a bit of time so we decided to drive on to Sur, which another 30 minutes drive away. The destination was to visit these antique ships that were said to have sailed to another country years ago, and was bought back by the Omani government as a testament to their heritage as voyagers and men of the sea.

I still have to look up the name of the boat and the story behind it, so here's picture for now.

And if you are a sucker for great views like me, I think something like this would definitely be worth the drive.


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