Year End Special: The Roller-coaster that was 2011

No doubt about it 2011 is a memorable one for me. Of course mostly due to the whole Libyan crisis, it seems that the year went by so quickly and yet for the first time in a long time I feel as I am older. Around this time exactly last year, my thoughts were filled with a European Year of Travel, and finally being able to visit home. That holiday in the Philippines were chock full as we explored some of its parts outside Manila, from Corrigidor, to Vigan, to Bohol, even to Palawan which I realized I did not write about (which I should I promise, along with my first trip to an Asian country, Singapore).

I wasn't able to write about our Singapore trip... but I will soon I promise....

But as quickly as the good times rolled the most unforgettable phase in my life as a Diplowife led to the saddest, scariest, most depressing, five months I have ever been through.

But then again, last year was also a great example of how quickly the wheel of life turns, one moment you are up, the next you are down in the dirt, and the all of a sudden you are back up again. It has been two months since my first month here in Muscat, and so far things are doing great. I really do not want to jinx it by mentioning it, but really, as much as I liked the Libyans and as interested I was in the dynamics of their culture, I found myself stuck and bored most days when I was there. And although I have met and made friends I will never forget, what I learned most about being posted there was just because nobody is saying anything doesn’t mean everything is okay; oh and that appearance is never really a good way of gauging someone or others.

But I am grateful to be in this city because although I have not been here that long, it has shown me that not every place is the same just because they have major commonalities. And that sometimes you still get lucky and meet a group of genuinely kind and fun loving people.

The Sultan's palace here in our new home Muscat

In general 2011 wasn’t the best one in my list, nevertheless it wasn’t all bad. The experiences I collected in the past year still did give me a few great things I can hold on to. Being away from JG that long and in that kind of situation automatically showed both of us how much we mean to each other, plus we both learned things we never really thought we could be capable of pulling off – him living by himself whilst I learned to let go and how to be patient.

And because 2011 was a rollercoaster-up and down-spinning around kind of year for me, I think I want to welcome 2012 with an open mind and just wait and see what it will bring, I will just do my thing, whatever it is I feel like doing and not worry about how it may affect the future. Expect perhaps for good health and the safety of everybody I love, I will not wish for anything this year… que sera sera and all that…


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