Quick Hello From the Philippines!

Hi! Don’t worry. I haven’t been eaten by the Sahara, nor have I decided to totally abandon my blog. I have in fact so much to share, except I cannot find the time to do so at present.

In just so happens that I am currently home in my native Philippines! As I promised in my last post, I would like to write about where I come from, life before I became a Diplowife, and my favorite things about my home sweet home.

Wait, there’s more… I also promise to write about new trips and tours JG and I took as part of our goal to discover more of our country.Like a food tour…

The original Philippine Hopia....

But of course, not everything turns out the way I wanted it to, story of my life actually. So expect some of the usual rants and ramblings.

All this I promise to write about as soon as I find the time that is. For now I hope that you bear with me.

For now I leave you with some of the pictures as teasers…

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol... (if you're not Filipino and you're wondering about the name, I promise to explain in the future)


2 thoughts on “Quick Hello From the Philippines!

  1. thediplomaticwife says:

    Hi fellow DW! So happy that you finally went home to the Phil!!! And sounds so exciting! You even got to do the eating tour and Bohol! You are so lucky! Usually when we go home to the Phils is mostly doctors appointments, shopping for stuff we can’t find here and meeting up with friends and family. I do wish I can insert a trip next time… but I doubt it!

    How long were you there for?

    P.S. I noticed that you now have categories in your blog! Nice! =)

    • diplowife says:

      Thanks fellow Diplowife! Yes, at the moment I am enjoying being home. The tours were of course JG’s idea, actually he planned for so many I have to squeeze in the things that you mentioned, that are actually an essential when going home, in between all the trips. My only regret is that I cannot find the time or energy after every trip to post everything on the blog. But I as you know, I will have all the time to do so when I’m back in Tripoli.

      We will be staying ’til mid-Feb, hopefully be able to do everything we planned for. The categories I thought are now necessary for a bit of order in the blog, I’m glad you liked it.

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