Year End Special: The European Year of Travel

It seems really weird that although there is nothing much for me to do here in Tripoli, days seem to pass by so quickly. I hardly noticed that almost a year and half has already passed. But the end of a year always makes us want to look back and reflect, the great thing about having a blog is that I do have journal-like access to the significant events of my year. The year went and gone so quickly I had forgotten that I am now 26 years old (although I still don’t fell like it), have moved to a new house, tried and failed to raise a dog, lost a relative, and wore my first Filipiniana.

Although most days are spent at home reading, watching TV, and trying to pass as good housewife, while trying to find a way to cure my being such a wallflower at parties; the best thing about the year was that thanks to my hardworking JG I was able to explore some parts of Europe:

I visited Malta twice, once as a tourist, the next as a book hunter and long lost Bic Mac fan.

Best view taken during my first Malta trip

My favorite trip, was of course to Paris, a life long dream that seemed impossible to achieve.

We did not go up, the que was so long, plus JG is not a big fan of heights

Retracing Audrey Hepburn’s steps as Princess Anna in a Roman Holiday.

Rome:Before you could get a picture with it, you have to go through a line, and then donate 50 cents. Well worth it.

And discovered beautiful Prague as a detour to quenching a long time interest in particular part of history in Berlin amidst trying to find balance in the bitter cold.

The Brandenburg Gate at Paris Platz, Berlin

I do have some regrets, I wish I had explored more of Tripoli as much as I did the other countries I visited. I feel a twinge of guilt that I don’t try hard enough to learn more about my home away from home, its people, and its culture. JG and I have tried a couple of times, but I still feel that it is not enough. Hopefully I will be able to get to know Libya a little bit more come the new year.

But before I do that, I plan to begin the new year with a long trip to my home. I thought I can show you a little bit of my beginnings… so that’s something to look forward to.

Until then, JG and I wishes everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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