The Christmas JG and I Will Never Forget…

… not because something amazing happened, in fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s the Christmas where absolutely nothing happened.

One could say that this should be expected since Libya is after all a Muslim country, but I guess it could also be said that as Filipinos we are expected to make something out of it. Nevertheless in that aspect, we are not like most Filipinos. JG and I like Christmas, but for very different reasons.

An only child, JG spends his holidays in doors, or he goes out to wherever. Before we got married, he learned that I have never been to the zoo before so we met up on Christmas day and went to the zoo. For a guy who likes his solitude, Christmas for JG is a time where you can go around and see great stuff while everybody else is busy doing something else, thus giving you a sense that the world is just for you for a little while. I on the hand, grew up in a house with my very nuclear family. I live with my uncles, unties, and cousins; and more relatives come during the holidays. Christmas for me is noisy, chaotic, rambunctious, and all around fun.

Last year wasn’t so bad either, we spent most of the day with the Filipino community who organizes an annual Christmas program. This year however they scheduled the event earlier so that it can be shared by those who will be leaving Libya for good. Which also freed our December 25.

Also last year, JG’s mom was here with us, so technically this is our first Christmas where it is only the two of us. I asked JG if he wanted me to make something special for dinner but he said no.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all bad, I guess I’m just saying this is all new to us. Thanks to the perks of modern technology, I was able to technically still experience Christmas morning with my family back home via web cam. It was nice seeing all of them, despite for some setbacks. I now have a first hand experience of what a gold fish feels like, as I sat there watching everyone pass by waving and greeting me enthusiastically as they pass my line of sight. I wish I could give them all a hug, but I have to be grateful at least that I can have that. I also could not help think about how it was for Diplowives in the past before there was the internet, so I suppose I should consider myself lucky.

I went outside to buy somethings and it was just like any other day here, my butcher did greet me a Christmas to which I did not know how to respond to. It wouldn’t apply if I said same to you, right? So I just said thank you.

I still managed to make a special Lasagna, and about the only thing that made it surprising was when the electricity went out for a couple of hours. To which I thought was really a nice touch by the God’s who decided it was not as uneventful enough.

So that was Christmas for us. As we were getting ready for bed at the end of day, JG and I decided that although this may be the most boring Christmas ever, it will be one for the memories and that we were still happy nonetheless because we were at least spending it together. It might not be like the years before, like the Christmases we were used to but we at least had each other.

Next year it might be different, or it might be the same but like I said this one we will definitely never forget.



4 thoughts on “The Christmas JG and I Will Never Forget…

  1. Hi fellow diplo wife! Happy New Year! TD and I were also warned about sad christmases here in Jakarta, so we did a few things to prepare. Perhaps you can get ideas for next year so I wanna share them with you =) I know not all can apply because of your location… 1. we decided to give each other and our maid more than one gift – it’s so much more fun opening lots right? Usually we have a cap/budge for gifts but this year we didn’t have any. 2. we invited friends over for Christmas eve even if they don’t celebrate xmas, it’s just fun to be surrounded by people 3. in relation to #2 we hurried ordering additional furniture so that we could throw a party on xmas 4. and I filled the flat with as much decoration as I could afford. It took many weeks but totally worth it! If you can’t find decor, wouldn’t it be a cool project to make your own? My friend Kaho used stuff her kids make as tree decor and I love this idea of making simple paper cut-outs to decorate the table! Isn’t it so simple but so festive?!?☆-christmas-breakfast-table/

    In the end it wasn’t as bad as we expected and on the bright side it was more restful than all our holidays. =)

    1. Hi,

      Your ideas are great, and I will definitely keep all that in mind and hopefully be able to apply them in the future. It’s just that there are essential things we must first do before we can do all that, one in particular is to get a living room set for us and guests to sit on. After that we can, I hope, we can start to plan to a more festive holiday. And yes, we don’t mind that is was more of a relaxing Christmas. Thanks again.

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