A Little Post of Commendation

I must apologize but I will have to postpone my posts on my Berlin trip because I really wanted to blog about some admirable people.  I just thought they may be worthy of some notice even a short one in this little blog of mine.

Last night JG and I attended a small commencement exercise to celebrate the graduation of some 40 Filipinos who attended training programs organized by the POLO-OWWA office here in Tripoli. The programs are free certificate courses on Computer, Culinary, and Dressmaking. This is something I encourage Filipinos who are working here should do, because it is a very smart step on anyone’s part to improve and/or get as much skills as they can. Not just in computer (despite its demand these days) but in many other skills as well. And the fact that it’s free makes a world of difference.

I have wanted to sign up to one of these classes particularly the Dressmaking class, but my schedule (or lack of it) has kept me from doing so.  I so envied one of the graduates who came wearing a suit she has made for herself. I hope to one day attend such events with something I have proudly made with my own hands.

Back home opportunities like these are rare and hard to come by, you could probably find some if you know where to look, and I guess that there would be a long tedious application process and waiting list that could take an entire season. And most importantly, there are very few who would lend their hard earned, tirelessly honed skills, not to mention their valuable time to teach others for nothing but a certificate and a handshake of thanks. People can give money, food, clothing or anything they can to others, but I am firm believer in the saying that knowledge is the best charity; and those who extend such treasures should definitely be commented.

Such are the admirable people I said I wanted to write about who are the teachers who took up the job of sharing their talents and expert skills to their Kababayans here in Libya. I did not tell them I was going to write about them, and have not really spoken to them so I do not know if it’s okay for me to mention their names, nevertheless, I’m sure if you attended last night’s event you know who I am talking about.

The said teachers include, of course one IT expert who has headed a numerous batches of basic computer classes, and last night’s graduates were already batch number nine of the advance level. I asked JG if he gets paid for what he does, and he said to his knowledge no, which really is what makes them admirable because, he has of course his main job, and hey he could choose to sit comfortably in his house and relax, instead spends his free time teaching others.  This is also the case for the lady who teaches the dressmaking class, and the couple who taught Filipinos young and old to whip up a great meal.

I wish I had some useful and in demand skill that I can teach others, more importantly I wish I had the heart of a volunteer like those four people have. It must be a great feeling to know that you have helped equipped someone with something as valuable as a skill he or she can use in the future.  They might not be financially compensated, but as the Ambassador mentioned in his speech, the age old biblical verse, “Give a manfish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” And a lifetime is how long last night’s graduates will thank their teachers for.


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