My New Fix: Nat Geo Adventure

You can never have too much channels on your TV. I think I mentioned before that here in Libya, a Satellite dish is a must have, especially if you are a foreigner like me. The irony is we have access to more than a hundred channel but like 90% percent of it is in Arabic or another language, so if you want more English channels, you’ll have to purchase more. And that is exactly what we did.

Part of the new channels is the National Geographic and its branch channels like NatGeo Wild, and my favorite and new fix, NatGeo Adventure. You know what NG is about and basically get Animal Planet and NG Wild, NG Adventure on the other hand is mostly about travelling, outdoor adventure, explorations; shows that feature countries and culture and everything that goes with it: food, people, history.

Anyway, I don’t watch it all day but the weekday schedule is becoming a habit of mine.  Anyway here are some of my favorites I thought I’d share. Also, there isn’t much happening to me these days, and aside from reading, and my chores, it keeps boredom at bay.

So the shows:

Top of the list is Banged Up Abroad. It’s a retelling of experiences of people who survive traumatic experience while abroad. While most of the episodes show people who made a terrible mistake of trafficking illegal stuff into or out the country, there are also stories of people being held hostage in their house, kidnapped in the jungle, and how they survive the ordeal. I like it because it is narrated by the survivor him/herself, and the story is guided only by subtitles once in a while. Also the reenactment part is really good, they get good actors to play both the captive and their capturer.

Word Travels is another travel show seen through the eyes of two travel writers and their hunt to find a good angle for their columns and stories that they pitch to editors. A dream job for me, something I may never able to do and can only experience through them. JG doesn’t like them, says the two writers have a very corny approach, to which I like. I like it because they don’t just talk about the places and their experiences; they also look for a story within the country. Like today, they are in Jordan and Julia, asks some young Jordanians about dating, partying, and even a big taboo of how premarital sex is accepted in a Muslim country. Of course it instantly gets my attention because it something I wonder about living in an Arabic place myself.

Other shows similar to Word Travels is Departures, they aren’t writers but mostly two dudes travelling around the world. Also Long Way Down, which stars Ewan McGregor (which is frankly enough reason for me to watch), with his friends travelling the world in their big bikes. There is also Road Less Travelled which follows Lonely Planet writer and photographers and Grahams World about a filmmaker who attempts to travel the world without riding a plane.

Another favorite of mine, is Bondi Rescue, which is basically like Baywatch, only it’s reality tv. The show focuses on the lifeguards of Bondi Beach, one of the busiest beaches in Australia. I will not deny that I have developed a bit of a crush on the very fit and well-looking lifeguards of the show; I am only human after all. But it’s a good show very entertaining how they handle everything from peeping toms, to possible sharks, and to more serious matters like someone drowning in the very dangerous shores of Bondi Beach.

Weird and Wonderful Hotels is also a nice show, it’s funny narration makes it a lot more entertaining to watch. JG particularly likes this one because he plans and our trips and I think now has developed a particular fondness towards hotels.

For those who like extreme cultures and odd rituals, Madventures is the show for you. Stars of the show are two Finnish burly men named Riku and Tunna. And they travel with no crew no security, and they shoot passing the camera to each other when needed. Today I watched Riku drink drops of a chicken’s blood after it was beheaded by an Indian sort of Shaman. The great thing about this is that the two have very interesting insights something I wasn’t expecting since at first glance you think that their just some extreme dudes looking for a trip, which they are clearly nothing but.


I have yet to see other shows like Brothers On a Mountain, and Don’t Tell My Mother so I hope it’s as good.

I suppose the reason why I am drawn to this channel because compared to years before there is a possibility that I may be visiting the places that they feature in the shows, and even if I don’t you really get inspire to get out and see the world and not be afraid to explore. Their tag line, Let’s Get Lost, really is something you don’t want to happen to you, but like they say, you don’t really experience things until you do.  However still, for now, Nat Geo Adventure is my window to the world, which I would like to think is waiting for me to get lost in.


2 thoughts on “My New Fix: Nat Geo Adventure

    1. It would be great to learn how to surf. On my part, I should learn to be a good swimmer first especially if I need to go to beaches like that where the waves can be a bit dangerous.

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