Pa Liga Filipina

Sorry about being absentb for a while. After Rome, I needed some time to get back into the a normal phase. Anyway, not much highlight to miss anyway, except for some events JG and I attended. One including, last last weekend where we were invited to attend a special sports festival organized by Filipinos here.

It’s always nice to attend such events, because we Filipinos are big on basketball. Yes, we are part of the minority of countries who did not catch the Football fever, instead we have basketball. Every street corner back home has a basketball court, mostly improvised ones made by local boys. And unlike the Americans, back home kids play wearing nothing but flip flops, everything else is all heart.

Something like this can be found almost anywhere back home

We play for a plastic of ice-water, of if there is money to spare a big bottle of soda. We have our own professional league that has been part of our country’s sporting history for over 75 years I think, and a lot of us take college basketball season really really seriously.

The Alaska Team, JG and mine's favorite professional team back home. As you can see, they're a champion team.

JG is more likely to appreciate this because like most boys back home he is a big fan of it, and since he’s a huge geek, he takes it a notch higher by his extensive knowledge of Philippine Basketball history, and believes in his heart that he has the skills of a point guard. As a loving wife, supporting his “beliefs” is really important.

I on the other hand, mostly found myself being pushed into it my whole life. Not as an athlete mind you, I am more realistic than JG when it comes to that, but in every other form possible. I grew up surrounded by Uncles and older male cousins who can easily force their way in handling the remote, so every game night I am forced to watch my kind of shows only during time outs when there is a commercial break. Thus began my education in basketball. Naturally you begin to like a particular team,  I am an Alaska fan, so is JG (I don’t expect my non-Filipino readers to understand, but they are one of the best teams back home). My cousins and uncles also play in inter-barangay (town) leagues so cheering for them is also a must, and our house is directly in front of a basketball court, so basketball literally is an everyday thing to me. In college, I did a little sports writing for the school paper, thus having have to cover games on a weekly basis.

So anyway, it is only natural that the Filipino Community come together and organizes a small basketball league. But it’s not just bringing your own stuff, let’s enjoy ourselves, type of tourney.  As we treat our local basketball league and college ball, teams are organized complete with coaches, managers, and custom made uniforms (in that case, via the company that they work for here). One team was ever awarded best in uniform, coming in complete with sponsored shoes, bags, and sweats.

This team won best in Uniform, because hey, they were uniform shoes, bags, and all.

The great part for me about all this is, that you’d think that only the men, or guys like JG would appreciate such events. Like how it is back home, mothers, sisters, kids, and cousins, who like me come to support the team they most likely have a connection to. Which turns it into a family thing, and since more than one family is involved, it naturally becomes a community thing.

A Philippine Basketball League Opening Ceremony is not complete w/o a best team muse contest.

I kind of appreciate that because you’d think that when you leave home, especially for the OFW’s here, you also leave experiencing the inter-barangays, or the college leagues where you root for your team.  But because of such events, not only are the alpha males given the opportunity the chance to flex their muscles, you get a feel of that sense of belongingness you get in the basketball events we leave back home.

Let the games begin...

The only sad part about this for me is that I really do not know that many people here, which make it hard for me support one team in particular.  Nevertheless, it’s nice to know things like this are organized.


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