Vacanze Romane

Since my Paris whim was already granted it is only fair that JG gets to pick our next destination. And since he’s a great big history geek, where better to go than to one of the most historical places there is, Rome.

I could not possibly begin to give you a historical themed post however. To be honest, my interest in Rome was more of a sentimental thing, something my thoughtful JG knew. I always find it interesting whenever he tells me the historical relevance of places and things, I learned so much more from him than I ever did my boring history teachers in school. But my interest would only take me so far. So he made sure to make Rome a little more interesting for me.

So aside from the ruins, the Colosseo, and the Vatican, JG and I took me to a Roman Holiday tour.  When I say Roman Holiday, I meant the 1953 movie starring Gregory Peck and the perpetually classy Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorites of hers, of course.

Basically, instead of regaling me of stories of Legionnaires, who led who, and which Ceasar was this, he took me to the places where the scenes of the movie was shot.

The Spanish Steps, where Princess Ann and Joe sat and ate gelato.

I was smiling in the pictures but I was really tired from all the walking

In front of the Vittoriano is the intersection where the Vespa scene took place.

In front of this intersection is a great big white building some people call a typewriter.

By the river near Castel S. Angelo where the river boat scene.

It was still too early to come down to, there wasn't anyone there yet.

The Trevi fountain, of course.

I tossed a coin into the fountain, because they say if you do you are likely to come back.

This building is where Princess Ann escaped from.

We wanted to go back the alleyway but that would seem weird.

And at the small church where the Mouth of Truth is located, you know the big saucer with the face that supposedly eats the hand of a liar?

Before you could get a picture with it, you have to go through a line, and then donate 50 cents. Well worth it.

My favorite stops were the two places that one can likely find with reference to the movie. First the benches where Joe first found Princess Ann sleeping…

JG wanted me to lie on the bench like Princess Anne did, but again too weird for me.

…And the actual apartment where Joe lived and took Ann. The entrance looks nothing like in the movie, and you couldn’t really enter the room since it is now private property. I shouldn’t go up, because there was a sign that says don’t, but this was probably my only opportunity to do see it, so I took a quick peek inside. (But I promise never to trespass again, just this once cross my heart).

Going to Italy wouldn’t be complete without eating the local internationally known dishes.

What is Italy without Spaghetti?

We also risked trying the Canoli, and as per in the Godfather it was truly to die for. No picture though, JG finished it before I could take the photo.

In summary, Rome was great. Thanks to JG it became even more interesting even to non-history geeks like me.

I hope the coin thing turns out to be true, I wouldn't mind coming back.

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