Malta Part 2

Because I did not want to be left at home, I went with JG to Malta over the weekend. He had some embassy stuff to do, whilst I came along for a short holiday. I would’ve liked to help him out but I haven’t had the first idea how.

Since it’s summer season, it would’ve been a nice opportunity to go for a swim on Malta’s beautiful coast along their port, but we were there on business and only had a day to go around town.

Summer has come in Malta, beach enthusiasts galore

Malta is even better to visit during the summer compared to when we first came at the end of winter few months ago. The streets were busier, with the locals going about their daily routine and the tourists walking around (often half naked in their swimwear) on their way to the beaches to get a good tan.

If six months ago, the sites and its history was its best qualities during the cold winter, this time it was its beaches that made it extra special. It was a little bit hotter than I expected, but still not as bad as the desert heat back in Tripoli, where you can’t even get a healthy sweat because it immediately evaporates because of the oven like climate.

I was looking forward for to this trip because in Malta I can enjoy some of the things that are not readily available in Tripoli. Just the little things like enjoying a BicMac meal and being able to wear shorts on a hot day without catching too much attention.

One of the simple joys I go to Malta for

We also planned to catch a movie while we were there, but we got too tired from walking around we skipped it all together.

I also got to see JG do some work while he was there, and assist Filipinos working or living there. Renewing, releasing, and filling out passport concerns may sound as a mundane part of consular duties but its a big deal to those who need them. And it is nice to know that my husband is able to help them. A couple came in to get their cute baby’s passport, which he can now use to visit home for the first time.

And the best, and our main goal with the trip is to stack up on our reading collection. There aren’t that many English bookstores here in Libya, and we’ve read through the ones that we brought from home. JG and I aren’t the shopping kind; clothes and other needs will always come in second when it comes to books.

In our six years as a couple, we hardly exchanged any other gifts during special occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays were special days to exchange new reads. The only jewelry JG ever gave to me was my engagement ring, and that was his mother’s, everything else were books. And I, wouldn’t have it any other way.

So in Malta, every bookstore was a stop over. One of JG’s unfavorable traits is that he can be very tight with money, (hey he does earn it for us) but we wives are entitled to some whimsical requests once in a while. But JG can be very hard to persuade at times especially when he does not find the logic to the request, for example a pair of rainbow socks which he will probably thinks idiotic to wear. However still, when it comes to books, JG never says no. Especially when he wants me to read it. In Malta he got me this thick complete selection of Sherlock Holmes. We’ve been watching BBC’s new version of the English detective and he says it would be good if I had a background of the story.

New reading stack!

On the way back George the taxi driver who we always call to give us a lift to and from the airport, brought along his wife. As we passed the beautiful view along Valetta, I asked them if they ever got tired of Malta and its sites. Both of them unsurprisingly said no. And who would?


2 thoughts on “Malta Part 2

  1. I really recommend getting an e-reader. You can download books from the internet and put them all in one handy reader. You’re only limited to how big your memory card is. I bet you could convince your husband to get you one.

    Looks like it was a lovely holiday even if it was a short one:)

  2. Thanks Khadija! It was a great holiday. I do actually have an e-reader, and also like downloading e-books online. But there are some few setbacks, like not being able to find what I want. Also I’d have to share the PC w/ JG so when I’d want to read and he’s using it, I can’t read the ebooks. And since I love reading, call me sentimental, but for me technology still can’t replace reading a real book, the smell of published paper, its weight in your hands, the way your collection looks on the shelf.

    Where do you download your books from? Do you purchase them online? Another problem, I have is that we only have a wimax for our connection, which can often get used up between JG and my downloads.

    But thanks for the tip, maybe I should look into improving my ebook download skills. Ramadan kareem!

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