Deeply Saddened

Yesterday, a terrible event took place back home. As it was covered by local news, from beginning to end, even I who was thousand of miles away in another continent pretty much saw everything.

There is nothing much for me to say, especially since I am not in the position to place any blames or point out who I thought did what was right, and who botched everything. Aside from that ex-cop who caused the lives of innocent people, those who did do the wrong thing that could have worsen the situation, probably know who they are.

Besides, at this point, there really is no point in placing blames. What we can do is really learn from our mistakes and do what must be done to ensure that something like this can be prevented from happening again.

However I really cannot help but feel sad for the people held hostage in the bus, especially for the ones who lost their lives. And I think the only thing for me to do is extend my condolences to their family and friends for their sudden loss.

To them, I am truly saddened about what happened. You have my deepest sympathy; my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope that you find strength in the support of the people who care about you, who are thinking about you, and share your loss in this difficult time of sorrow.


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