Party Hosting

Last Thursday was JG’s turn to host his monthly meetings with his Asian counterparts. Usually those parties are done in the home of the designated host, but there are also times when such host decides to just take everybody out  to dinner.

And since we are lacking the living room furniture to have them sit on and do not have enough utensils for them to use, not to mention the fact that I am not the most talented cook, we decided to take them out to a nice restaurant.

Here in Tripoli, Chinese restaurants are a big thing, judging from the fact that there are four of them here. And if you ever find yourself in Libya I suggest you go to the New Chinese Restaurant (Yes that is the place’s name, as I think it is clever for it to be new forever). I like it there because not only is the food good, but the people from the waitresses to the manager are all very nice, courteous, and very very helpful.

We arranged for two tables, one for the men and another for the wives who are coming along. I also would like to say that even though we did not have to go through the hassle of preparing everything, I was so nervous, afraid that something might go wrong.

But I am happy to say that all went well. The men had their thing, and I with the girls. I a new comer, the wife of JG’s Vietnamese counterpart was a very nice lady with a kind face. She did not speak much English but she was patient enough to try and talk to us the best she can, the language barrier only had has talking about small things like the weather, her previous postings, and if she would like to eat some more, nevertheless I could feel she was very eager to be there and talk to us, as I was.

Hopefully by next year I could finally invite them to our house and sample Pinoy foods, but right now I am happy that we are able to get through that okay.


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