On Paris (Part 2)

The thing about having one of your long time dreams come true is that you are afraid that it might not be what you expect it to be.  I was afraid that Paris would not be at all what I pictured it to be, or that something bad might happen in exchange for this great exciting trip. A very unhealthy way to think I know, but that just really how I am. But you really can’t blame me, although I am a cheery, always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life kinda girl, I’m usually the one who gets the short end of the stick, or takes the line among many that moves the slowest which also often ends up closing when it’s my turn. Thus training myself to always look on the bright side of everything, cause I’m so used to things not going my way.

I did not want Paris to disappoint me, so I told myself that no matter what happens I should just remind myself to just be happy that I was there.  And I must say that it wasn’t so bad at all. Aside from a very snobbish bus driver who dismissed me when I asked which bus should we take, everything went well, and the city was as beautiful as I imagined.

I won’t take so much of your time, I cannot squeeze all five days in one post so I’m just going to post pictures and briefly discuss my favorite parts.

Of course we went to see the famous sights (not in random order),

We did not go up, the que was so long, plus JG is not a big fan of heights

Tip: If you visit after six you get a discount on the entrance fee

You can go up on top if you like as long as you are prepared to tackle more 200 steps of stairs

The worst mistake we committed on this trip was to not take a breather when we arrived. After we checked in we got out and immediately went sight seeing. So by the time we were finished with the Louvre we were both so broken and tired, both of us were getting on each other’s nerves.

Inside the Louvre, we of course went to see the Mona Lisa. Although she has been dead for at least 500 years, I wonder if she knew if she would be regarded like a celebrity when she sat for her portrait. One girl even passed out from trying to get closer squeezing into the crowd that formed around the famous painting.

The Mona Lisa and her rockstar status in the Louvre

Lisa del Giocondo aka the Mona Lisa

I wasn’t much for art, but I really did like the portraits, like with the Mona Lisa I wonder if those people thought that long after they’ve died they are immortalized when posed to be painted.

The guy in the picture made me think of Mr. Darcy

We also visited 21st Century Paris in La Defense, where we availed of the simple joys of watching a movie (Inception),

The place reminded me of Makati City back home in the Philippines

We initially planned to look at what we can see at the Museum of Modern Art, we got there but decided to skip going inside since we realized that we both have no idea how to approach the intricate, and often abstract world of modern art.

Outside the Museum of Modern Art

A favorite stop was at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. I really liked it simply because it is a bookstore with so much character and history. The store was like an old secret attic kept by a gracefully aged and wise aunt in her run down house, one that we rarely see but always loved visiting.  I told JG maybe someday when I am old I can open something like that back home. A place where someone who loves to read can hide away from everybody else and get lost in a book.

That short girl on the right is me trying to find a find.

Inside the bookstore

Upstairs, where books are not for sale and corners like this where you can sit and read them.

Of course in Paris Art is every where.

Art is in stores...

...under the streets in platforms...

...even while you cross the streets.

And you might be wondering how JG and I got around? We are proud to say that we were able to figure out their very intricate subway system. Initially planned to take the Open Bus Tours, we might have seen less, but sure did save a lot more.

Paris' Metro

And another thing, as much as I wanted to experience France as much as I could, except for the complementary croissant in our hotel, I did not eat any french cuisine. I’m no food expert, you can drag me at any Mcdonald’s branch and I’d be happy (in fact that’s where we mostly ate), not to mention the restaurants seemed to pricey for our budget.

Nevertheless, Paris was a great and memorable trip. Now that I’m back in Tripoli, I keep thinking I probably just dreamt it all, even if I did I was happy to be there, real or not.

Besides even w/o all that, who wouldn’t want to go to a place where you hop on the train with a violinist serenading you while on your way…

I know I would.


5 thoughts on “On Paris (Part 2)

    • diplowife says:

      That’s what JG and I are doing too, visit the one’s close to where we are then the ones farther. And when you do visit Paris maybe you guys can put us on your list next? It’s not Paris, but definitely worth a visit. I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand, hey even Indonesia, I have made some Indonesian friends here and I think their food is superb!

      • thediplomaticwife says:

        There is so much to see in Indonesia – it’s so beautiful! If you go to Indonesia, Bali and Yogyakarta are definite must-sees. They have so much to offer! And there is so much to see in do in Bali – which reminds me, Eat Pray Love is coming up! Weeee! Tourism will surely increase.

      • diplowife says:

        Definitely now have Indonesia in mind one day. I know Eat, Pray, Love is coming out, wish I could see it, but that will probably have to wait ’til I go home and catch it on DVD.

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