On Paris (Part 1)

After six months of being cooped up in Tripoli, JG and I decided that it was time for a vacation. The last time was Malta, if you remember, and a weekend at Djerba which was okay, except it was freezing cold (a very bad time to visit).

Anyway, this wasn’t just some trip, this was Paris. I suppose a lot of people dream about Paris, and we all have our reasons to go. Some for fashion, for art, for the food, or for those who want to see if it is truly the most romantic city of all.

As for me, this was a really big deal, because my dream of Paris was more like an unrealistic fantasy. A trip I was highly unlikely to take, and if you have asked me four years ago, I would say bordering on impossible.

But first let me tell you why I wanted, or dreamt of seeing Paris. When I was a little girl, I can remember looking up to three women; my Mom, Debbie Gibson, and Audrey Hepburn. My Mom had early on influenced me with watching old movies and the first time I saw Funny Face, Sabrina, and Paris When It Sizzles, that was it for me. Paris or at least the sceneries they show in those films seemed a world away from the view outside my neighborhood. It then led me to take a particular interest in everything French, the way they appreciate food, their exaggerated approach to romance, and for some odd reason their language to me seemed so beautiful.

Eventually I grew out of it but the dream of coming there one day stayed at the back of my head often remembered but immediately pushed aside after I allow myself a sigh while thinking about it.

I think I mentioned before that I came from a lower middle class family back in Manila so we did not have much, and that included not being able to take trips. We could hardly afford to go out of town, which made an out of the country out of the question, and Europe not even worth thinking about. So it really makes it so incredibly amazing how things worked out, that by some heavenly or karmic intervention I became a Diplowife and the world suddenly opened up to  me; and the once impossible trip to Paris was suddenly just, well, possible.

I couldn’t believe my ears when JG asked if I wanted to go there for his birthday. Truth is, JG was more for Rome, but the sweet guy knew how I’ve always dreamed of going there. But of course to not give away his alpha male, tough guy, romance-is-not-for-real-men persona says that it is cheaper to fly to Europe rather than going home, he wanted to see his friend and batch mate who is currently posted there, and he reasons out that we might as well get it over with anyway. But I of course knew better.

We only had five days so just targeted the popular sights and places we wanted to go, and I promise to tell more about it in a following post, I thought I should first explain how much this trip meant to me. For now I leave with this great picture I took from a Ferris Wheel ride we took near the Louvre.


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