Still Here

I wish I could say that I have been busy. Or that I have been spending the last couple of weeks in an exotic private island. Or have at least discovered something new. But no, my only excuse is that our internet connection has been on and off and my internet addict husband uses the computer most of the time, thus leaving me with no time at all. And when I do find the time to write about something or the lack of it, the connection is gone again.

But if you follow my blog, don’t worry, you did not miss much. The truth is, things can get really slow here in Tripoli, especially if you do not have a car like me, especially during summer. Most especially during summer, when it gets so hot, going out feels likes being cooked in a slow fire.

I think mentioned in previous posts that I used to like walking along Qarqaresh Road (where all the nice stores are) . The mentioned road is near JG’s office, and I used to hitch on his  ride to work and spend the morning walking there.  Plus most locals don’t go out early in the day, and prefer to go out at night (mostly due to the heat), so for a tropical island grown girl like me, it was okay. But now, it gets so hot even before noon unless I really have to, my walks are not done more often anymore.

The city is too far away, and even if I wanted to take a cab, I wouldn’t know the first thing  how to tell a cab driver how to get to where. I met two nice ladies a few days ago, both new in town, but was amazed at how they have gotten to know Tripoli more than I do, and I have been here a year! They know where there’s a nice gym, been to nice restaurants, etc.  I asked how they are able to get around and they say, in the most common, everyday, obviously expression, that they just take a cab! They explain that they just hop in and tell the driver the best way they can where to go.

JG, has always had an issue with taxis, whether here or back home.  So he disapproves of me taking one, so that’s another thing.  I suppose it doesn’t help that he knows that I have a very bad sense of direction, and is afraid that I get lost and suddenly find myself in Sirte in the car of stranger.

So that’s how it’s been the past couple of weeks…


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