On Facebook, etc.

I was reading Time Magazine on its articles on Facebook, and articles on how it has changed the world’s view on privacy and what we share. A commentary in particular on the good of oversharing.

I love Facebook, (my blog, twitter, skype, yahoo messenger) and the other Apps/Programs/or whatever you call them, because it connects people dear to me and new friends I have made.

Personally I have no problems sharing my thoughts or things about me. People who know me, are used to my often trait of getting away with my self, with sharing and being open. TMI (as in too much information) daw ako. But I am also aware, especially as I get older, that there are people in my life that may be affected with what I post, so I filter them as best as I can.

But despite the many issues on privacy and oversharing, like I said the best thing it has done for me is that it has kept me connected. Libya is very different from my life back home in Manila, you can’t just go outside without a plan and immediately find something to do. So there are lots of downtimes, slow hours with nothing to do but stay at home (especially now that summer is here, and the heat makes it less advisable to go out) ; nothing to do but surf the net.

Plus, I am experiencing a lot of firsts (in being married, being away from home, living outside the country…) and I would want to be able to share them with people back home. Meanwhile I would also like to keep tabs of them even though I am away. Today a friend posted something so hilarious and other friends in our circle began commenting, it eventually became as if we were all in  a small room talking to each other. It is not the same as seeing them in person, I admit, but it lessens the the longing.

My mother whom I love and miss so dearly is only a click of a mouse away. In fact we talk more often now, than we did after I got married before JG and I left for Tripoli.

I think about the Diplowives of previous years and how they manage with only writing via snail mail. It’s much romantic and personal, it seems, but I really think they were missing out on a lot. This blog of mine helps me not to have to write 10 – 20 emails all the time, and other diploblogs have been a window to see that the things I go through, others have and is as well, and I am able to learn from them. Although we are strangers, we find a connection through our little corner in the internet.

I have only 35 followers on my twitter account, a fourth of that are friends. But the others are people from all over who have somehow found interest in my articles and thoughts shared; or hopefully is looking forward to my blog entries. To my followers, I thank you, it is nice to know that you find my life worthy of your surfing time.

I find it therapeutic. It is because of these sites that I don’t feel so distant despite the reality that I am. Because of these sites, I am able to connect with people all over the world. Because of these sites, this country that I am doesn’t seem so unfamiliar.  TMI are not, I like it.


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