Finally Moved

So we’ve finally moved to a new house, or apartment I should say. Although we love our former house some things can’t really be helped, and like I mentioned before there are some perks about moving to a new house.

Our former landlord hooked us up with a new apartment literally a stone’s throw away from the old house, so that saved us from all the hassle of hiring a truck and packing the fragile valuables. The problem though was to move the big furniture like the fridge and the washing machine, not to mention the two big cabinets we bought in which I later realized needed to be dismantled to be able to fit out of the doors.  But thanks to our fellow Kababayans (fellow Filipinos) we were able to manage, I cannot thank them enough, and I really don’t know how we would’ve managed without them. We could hire some locals but I would imagine that the language barrier would really present a problem.

JG on the other hand was a sight to see the day of the move; he had some more work to do so he could only stay for a few hours to help out. So he hauled boxes and stuff back and forth wearing no less than his Barong Tagalog. He was sweating all over, and I kept telling him to change into a shirt but he refused, I wasn’t sure if he was being lazy or wanted to make sure he helped in style. I say it’s the former.

There are still some things to do and repairs to be made, the old house was very user friendly and every thing you needed is either a switch or a plug away but the new apartment isn’t like that. But it is very spacious and I love that the windows let in natural sunlight; the old house had tainted small windows so even during the day lights are needed in the house. I have lots of plans for the house but I hope things work out.

I also hope that the owner who lives next door does not find my little Vice too noisy with her barking, I think she is having more fun that I don’t reprimand her that much anymore (since there no longer plants or lawns to ruin) but she barks at every little thing she finds interesting.

No pictures yet, the house is still a mess but I promise to change all that. At present I am still at the unpacking process and a lot of cleaning to do but it is not like I have anything better to do.


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