On Stand By

At present JG and I are living out of our suitcases. We were suppose to move to a new house and we thought that we were going to be able to do so a few days ago so I went ahead and started packing. But plans changed and apparently house isn’t ready yet so we are on stand by.

I am a bit sad, I have grown attached to this little house of ours in Janzour but there are just some things that we have to under the circumstances so move we must. The house is very user friendly and very easy to manage, so I will really miss it.

Nevertheless, there are some things that I look forward to with our new house. First, is although I initially embraced the responsibility of taking care of the garden in the front lawn, I must admit that I am a failure on that part. Most of the plants that were here when we moved in had either died or lost most of color, and don’t even get me started on the weeding the grass. It also did not get better when little Vice the dog  moved in with us, as she very much enjoys destroying the plants, gnawing at its branches, and eating it down to the roots. But her most favorite hobby is digging leaving patches of holes all over, which drives me absolutely crazy.

The new house also has a nice cemented backyard, perfect for a small basketball court for JG. Like the Libyans are for football, Filipinos are crazy about basketball and JG is no exemption. We tried putting up a make shift court here in current house but realized that there isn’t a good enough spot high enough to put up the ring. Anyway it would be a nice way to exercise.

Also, JG has finally agreed to buy a living room furniture. If you find that weird, yes it true. We have been living in Libya for a year, without a living room. We were suppose to get one when we arrived but never got to it, JG and I are the kind of people who like to stay in the room, we watch TV from the bed, read on the bed, I in particular like to often times eat on the bed. It’s not very healthy and normal I know, but that’s how we are, we are not a very active couple. We also do not receive guests very often, so we did not think a living room was necessary. But I feel like it is now time that we do start a little bit of normalcy starting with a living room area.

However all that means nothing until we can finally move, until then we will have to continue living out of our suitcases and moving around boxes. Hopefully by next week we’ll be able to manage it.


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