My Mom on Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and it was a bit sad for me because this is the first time that I will not be able to see my Mom in person. If there is one person that I  miss dearly it is her. I am one of the lucky ones who is blessed with a great mother.  I do not consider myself lucky in many aspects in my life; I wasn’t born with the bone structure of a super model and has never won a raffle ever. Nevertheless, I will always be thankful that my mom is my mom, because we really can’t choose our mothers and yet I have a great one.

One or even two blog entries is not enough to relate how great my mom is, but I think that best thing about her is that she isn’t just my mother, she is also my friend.  Even as a child, my mom is the type that isn’t afraid to have fun with us, despite the many struggles our family went through, I have lots of happy memories full of laughter. The first time I told her I was interested with a boy, she didn’t freak out nor did she gave me sermons of the birds and the bees, she calmly said that she trusts my judgment, but that I was still young. Then she made me a deal, she told me to wait, a few more years, and promised that someone better will come along. I wasn’t so keen on her idea, but took her word for it, and sure enough it turned out better than she said. Now that I am married, she continues to guide me but always in a way that she leaves it up to me to learn for myself.

That technique of hers I have always found very sneaky but effective, even when it came to disciplining me and my brother.  I remember she would always tell us that when were little, and would trip, she would not coo us or baby us when we cried, she would tell us to stand up, and happily clap and praise us for being brave, and that is another things she continues to do. She rarely had to spank us, she always said it was because we were angels, but she wasn’t really the by the rod kind of person. And as we got older, I always tried to stay away from trouble, because I would hate seeing disappointment in her eyes rather than her spanking me; especially after everything she sacrificed for our family.  I grew up knowing that fear isn’t always a means to gain respect. That is one of the best things I learned from her. To her love and kindness begets just that plus more.

Today she is my confidant/shrink to me, giving me counsel to married life. And as unpredictable as she always is, unlike most mother-in-laws, she never antagonizes JG and always reminds me to try to understand and always work it out with my husband.  And it is of great help that I have someone like her to run to when it comes to adjusting to married life.  In a few years, hopefully, I’ll be a mother myself, and sure enough because I was raised with love, wisdom, and friendship, I will do my best to at least try to be half the mother she is.

Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!


3 thoughts on “My Mom on Mother’s Day

  1. I felt a little envy after reading your article. I hope we’re sisters. But I learned a lot of things on how to be a great mother just like your mom did. If u can do the half maybe I can do the 4th of it. You are both excellent in your life. I’m so glad to know you both.
    Thank you for being there.

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