The Bulgarian Beach of Tripoli

So we were finally able to go to the beach. A few fridays ago, JG and I went to the Bulagrian beach.


I’m not sure if the beach is owned by a bulgarian, or was established by one, but it was good because that specific shore of Tripoli is exclusive for foreigners like me.

See in regular Libyan beaches, there are certain customs since this is a Muslim country. For example, women still swim in their burkas, which is why I was a bit afraid that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beaches here if I have to go there in slacks and long sleeves. Thankfully they do not expect that from non-Muslims females or again foreigners, like me here in Libya. However, pinays I’ve talked to tell me that me that they often find themselves conscious in regular swimwears when in regular beaches. And if you were the kind of person who isn’t shy, you would find yourself the center of Libyan’s extra attention when in their beaches.


Which is why, it was great to have to visit the Bulgarian beach where you are free to dress more freely. In the entrance you can see a sign that says that single men or women are not allowed in, especially locals. They say that if you come alone you’ll have to prove that you are married, so coming as a group is always advised. Also if you’re a shutter happy like JG is, don’t bother. You will be reprimanded when someone spots you taking pictures. It’s not illegal (they won’t arrest you or take your camera) you are just not encouraged to take pictures, especially shots close to the shore. I think it’s so that some of the women won’t feel so conscious with strangers taking pictures everywhere.


However I must say that I found myself missing Philippine beaches. Back home, beach trips are usually spent playing on the shore, snorkling for shells, taking memorable pictures. But it wasn’t the same. It was so hot that day, you couldn’t spend 10 seconds standing in the sand outside any shade. Our beach tents were about fifty paces away from the water, so I had to run everytime I go in the water and back. The sand really burns your feet, if you walk slowly so running is your only option. The water felt great but there wasn’t a shell in sight or under water, which ruined snorkling. And as mentioned picture taking is frowned-upon.

In addition, the shower areas where you can change or get cleaned up were not exactly sanitary. So I spent the rest of the scorching afternoon eating (like a true Pinoy)  until I got dried, changed, and showered when I got home.  Oh, and due to the circumstances mentioned, JG did not bother to swim, and just sat all day. (He’s not a big fan of beaches anyway).

I did went back to swim once and while, like I said, the water was great! At least I there was that.


I also enjoyed the company we came in. It’s a group of Filipinos who bonded over tennis, and organized a small tournament amongst themselves. It was also in memory of their friend who also loved playing tennis and passed away last year. Since it was summer, they decided to hold their awarding ceremonies in the beach. JG and I mostly just sat, watched, and listened but as we did I found myself having fun just doing so. It kind of reminded me of a regular Filipino clan, holding their reunion in a beach. Except they weren’t related, but if you didn’t know them you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  That’s how close they were with each other, just like family.

All in all it wasn’t so bad. I guess I just expected so much, or maybe I just got used to beaches back at home. I am however still willing to come bach. I love beaches, and any beach is okay with me.


3 thoughts on “The Bulgarian Beach of Tripoli

  1. Hello!
    Sorry for my poor English ! may I ask you some questions ?
    Are you living in Tripoli ? I have a job proposal in Libya but my wife is a litte afraid because we’ve a 15 years old and an 11 years girls. We have been living in Morocco but Trip. doesn’t look as free as Morocco. Is it easy to live in Tripoli ? Did foreign women are safe ? Are there activities (swimming pool, tennis, shopping…).
    Thank you for answering if you got time and wish.

    1. Hi Philippe, n

      Sorry if it took me so long to write back.

      Yes, my husband and I have been here in Tripoli for three months now. And so far, living here in Libya has been okay. It is not difficult, although we had to go through some adjustments ourselves. But then again, adjusting is always a factor especially when you are moving to a different environment. As for your question regarding living conditions for women, I think there isn’t any problem. Here in Libya they are not very strict compared to other Muslim countries. Here foreign women like me are not required to wear abaya’s or follow the Muslim clothing for women. However, discretion is also important in respect to their culture, so I keep in mind not to wear shorts, mini skirts or sleeveless blouses in public. Your wife may also enjoy other priveleges like driving or even finding a job or a career of her own.

      I don’t have kids of my own but in my observation, I think that it is a safe place for your kids especially that they are already in their teens. There are many places where you can go abot athletic activities, especially tennis. There seem to be a lot of tennis courts here. But their main sport here is socccer. There are some malls, and shopping for your daily needs like groceries and clothes isn’t so bad.

      However, do not expect your choices to be very varied. So far I know that there is a Marks and Spencer store and Mango for girls, and the malls also have good products. I must also add that it is important that you have your own car to use. They have public transportation but if you cannot speak arabic then it might be difficult for you and English speaking taxi drivers are a handful. If you have your own car, then its okay.

      Speaking of cars, I hope that you and your wife are very experienced drivers because this is perhaps the most important reminder I can give you. Driving here can be very dangerous, unless you are a very good driver.

      I hope my answers have been helpful although I’d like to advise you to look into other means of getting some more input. As I have mentioned I have only been here three months so I am still not the best person to ask. Maybe you can look into some websites for future expats such as yourself.

      Goodluck to you and your family,

  2. Dear Diplowife,

    I was searching for the information of Bulgarian Beach and I found nothing except your article on it.

    By the way I am an Indian and I am here from about 7 months only. I heard from some one about the beach and I wanna visit it with my friends(boys only). Is it possible for me to visit there and also I wanna know the addresss for the beach.

    Reply on my email Id.

    Waitin for your reply.


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