You know how I said that I was going to update on the blog as soon as I get into the spirit of leaving? My family threw a farewell party for me a couple of weeks ago, and getting a chance to say goodbye to everybody really relaxed me a little bit and then I started to get excited about the whole trip. So I was looking forward to finally leaving, but due to some technicalities we are still grounded.


The most frustrating about all this is that we can’t really do anything about it but wait. Patience and helplessness are two things I am not very well equipped with. Especially after all the psyching myself effort I made, this is really getting to me.


The situation also has us in limbo, since we are only waiting for our go signal, we are already packed and ready to go. Which also means that all our stuff is in our luggage and boxes ready to be shipped to Africa. But since we we can’t go, I have to open my bag grab a shirt every time I need to change. Other frustrations brought about living in between is how it is affecting little decisions such as should I change the covers, buy a new toothbrush, or should I finish the book I’m reading that I bought for the plane ride or read it slowly to distract me from all the uncertainties.


And lastly there’s JG. He doesn’t tell me, but I know he’s a bit stressed out too. He’s already relieved his position in his department, and I suppose that the longer we get delayed the more his pending work in Tripoli would pile up. I wish I can help him in that aspect but like now, my hands are tied up too.


So in the meantime, we are on stand by until further notice… which right now really sucks.



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