Video Scandal Frenzy

This whole issue about the Hayden-Katrina video… Everyone in the country is buzzing about it, and before I go on, I must say that I was avoiding to get in the band wagon, but I really have got to get this off my chest.


A week ago, it was just about two celebrities caught on tape, doing the deed. As the days progressed it has turned into, women’s rights violation, fighting piracy, and and a “national relevant issue”. And yesterday, it is heightened in the very dramatic senate hearing.


Emotional "victims"

Emotional "victims"

What I don’t understand, is why this issue, (which in my opinion involves two very irresponsibly stupid people, who just happens to be famous) has to be scrutinized by the senate? What I’m saying is, is this really relevant to the improvement of country and our everyday lives?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t our Senators supposed to be busy passing laws to make our country work? I can understand, the Villar-C5 hearing by the ethics community, because that’s tax payers money, that is allegedly missed used on a major “public” infrastructure. But this?


They say that the issue here is Dr. Hayden Kho sexually violating the rights of women, particularly of Katrina Halili, when he video-taped his partners during intercourse. Today, women’s rights groups went to the hearing to show support for Ms. Halili, who is being praised for her courage to come forward and file a complaint (whom she says is doing to represent victims of violation like her, and to prevent it from ever happening to anyone again). Also the matter of rampant piracy and pornography, as video copies of Dr. Kho’s exploits, particularly the one with Ms. Halili spread like wildfire in the streets of Quiapo.


To prove my point about the Senate thing, also in the news last night; computer machines are tested to see if they are capable of finally automating our election next year. According to the news, politicians most specifically senators were invited to observe the testings, but none of them came, because they were at the Video Scandal hearing.


Also, a little girl in Mindanao, was not permitted by her public school to enroll in first grade because she couldn’t read. After being repremanded, the principal of the school explained that they set that standard so they can minimize the in-coming students because they do not have enough teachers, classrooms, and facilities to support every kid in their district.


And finally, also in the news, Influenza A (N1H1) A.K.A. Swine Flu is now in the country! One of worst epidemics in the history of the world, might be spreading in our country and our leaders are busy listening to, I repeat, two irresponsibly stupid people, who aren’t even good at their respective professions, make more fools of themselves than they already are.


I am appalled to think that this shows what is important to us Filipinos. Instead of our honorable senators concerning themselves with real and important issues like ensuring democracy, education, and health; they are in a hearing, only obviously after exposure. And you ask me why I don’t vote.


On the Manzano-pirated DVD’s angle; piracy and pornograpy has been around since time and memorial. But  can someone please explain to me why the Video Regulatory Board is involved in all this? Is Hayden Kho going after copyright royalty for his videos? Is that why they are staging pretend raids in Quiapo again? And if pornography is their case, then why isn’t there a hearing about the “Lolita” tapes sold there as well. So Ms. Halili can be the spokesperson for “innocent” victims of pornography, but little girls are not?


As for Ms. Halili, I do feel sorry for her, but I don’t buy the being the victim persona. She was a consenting adult, who slept with an already involved guy, who happens to be a pervert. In her interview she said she came out to prevent what happened to her from happening to anyone else. First of, she should’ve been more careful, since she is a celebrity. If she wanted to be role model material, then she would’ve at least been more responsible with her personal life. And second, who is she kidding, does she actually think pervs like Kho, will stop just because her sex video leaked and she went crying to the senators? Those guys don’t even have the time to do something about the important things,let alone move heaven and earth for her? And third, not all Pinays are as careless as her (celebrity or not).


My friend says that despite her “admitted” mistakes, she still doesn’t deserve to be humiliated in that magnitude. And I agree, like my friend added, no one is. Which is another thing, she doesn’t deserve to be hailed in that level either. As she was being guided to the senate hall, somewhere in the Philippines, there is probably also a  little girl on her way to the police to tell on a guy (on some occasions a relative) that raped or sexually harassed her. Only difference is, she is not popular, so there is no hyped senate hearing set-up for her, not one Gabriella member protesting outside for her, and no stranger to even spill water on her perpetrator’s head.


None of this is important, relevant, or beneficial to anyone. What it is, if you ask me, is simply Tabloid entertainment. Let us please get on with our lives, and concentrate on the important things. Jeez…




3 thoughts on “Video Scandal Frenzy

  1. sammies says:

    I’m fed up with them, I’m glad I don’t watch TV. I can surmise that the senators pay this issue too much attention it’s because it is interesting and subject for meddling.

  2. neelie aludtag says:

    Katrina and Hayden scandal had too much time given and attention by our senate.i bet you if it was a regular being around the corner and they have the same issues and complaint,it will not be like these BIG HOOPLA.We have so many issues involving our schools for example…that needs more attention than these two celebrities who are two consentual adults….and just GROW UP AND LEARN FROM WHAT THEY DID!!!!!!!

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