An Open Letter To My Mother

Dear Mommy,


First of let me first say sorry again that I couldn’t see you for this year’s Mother’s Day. As I write this I am sitting in the airport waiting for our plane to Zamboanga to start boarding. Even if you already said that its okay, I still wanted to be with you since this was suppose to be our last Mother’s Day together, in person. The next time I get to greet you would probably through the phone or a long e-mail since JG and I will be posted soon.


Like all the other love letters I’ve written to you, I want to thank you for being a great mom. I always say that there are a lot of things that I don’t like in my life that I’m stuck with; like my big cheeks, but one thing I am grateful for is having you as my mommy.


This year I want to thank you most especially for being being a great adviser as I go through married life. I must say, that your advices are unorthodox and unusual to be said by mothers, but you have been through a tough married and all those hard time that you went through made you wiser and stronger, and I want to learn from you, as much as I can. I am witness to your struggles and I will always admire you for conquering them, which is why I believe you to be a true expert.


Who knows, but maybe soon, I will be a mother myself; and as I have told you before, I am terrified. I don’t know if I can be good at it, and is afraid that I might struggle in that inevitable part of my life now that I am married. But if I can be even half of the mother that you are to me and Jan2, I know I’ll be okay. Although I may have to raise my children on the other side of the world, I would only have to ask myself, “What would my mother do?”, or as you always say, “What you wouldn’t do…” and I can go from there.


Thank you for being my friend, more than my mother, thank you for trusting me, and believing in me, for encouraging me, for being strong for me. Thank you for your loving arms, the ones I can always go home to. I am grown up now, and have my life with JG ahead of me, but no matter where in the world our life takes us, I have comfort in knowing that I can always run home home to you whenever I want to and you will be there, just as you always are.


Love u po.


Your Neneng




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