Must Love Dogs

One of the many things JG introduced into my life is becoming a dog lover. And as I was giving my little dog Jeop (short for Jeopardy) his favorite tummy scratch, I realize how attached I have become of him and how much I’m going to miss him. By the way, it’s official, JG has received his assignment order and we now have less than 60 days to prepare for Tripoli in Libya (more on this in the future).


When I met JG he his dog of more than ten years, Trisha, was still alive. Tec-tec as his mom would call her, was a bit like a Japanese Spitz, but bigger, she had Polio and had to drag her hind legs when she walked. But she was the nicest dog I’ve ever met. I am convinced that when JG introduced me to his mom, not only did I need to impress my now mother-in-law, but had to win Trisha over as well.


My family had owned a few dogs over the years but took care, and considered them differently than JG and his mom does. I grew up considering dogs as more of alarm systems to guard the house, and not as pets. They are not allowed inside the house and was thought to not be afraid, but careful nonetheless in case they go crazy and bite you.


But truthfully, I have always wanted to own a dog the same way kids had them in family movies. You know the kind who’d play with you, who would look for you when you get separated, and you’d cry about in case they die. I remember there was this white fat puppy that was given to me by an aunt, he was so cute, and I was convinced that it was going to be my pet soul mate. I remember how I couldn’t wait for school to finish so I can go home and play with it. But the next day, it wasn’t there anymore and I was told that it died.


Ever since then dogs were just dogs to me. There even was a time when I’d get nervous around them, or would get really afraid when you’d pass by the big barking types on a leash. When I met Trisha, I was first amazed at the thought that she was with JG ever since he was in sixth grade, and how he considers her as his sister, as his family and most loyal friend.


My most favorite memory of Tec was when JG and I missed each other in their house. I couldn’t get in because no one was home, and didn’t have a phone to tell JG I was there. So I waited for three hours sitting in front of their door, and beside me patiently waiting was Trisha, she never attacked me, instead welcomed me into her family. She passed away a few years ago, JG was devastated.


When now have two dogs, Yugo, an American Eskimo, and Jeop also a cross breed of a Japanese Spitz and a local dog. Yugo we’ve had for over a year now, and is very much attached to JG. Jeop was bought by my mother-in-law a few days after JG and I got married, and he seems to have chosen me as his person. And as he was growing, he seems to have shown me a special kind of attention that I couldn’t help but fall in love myself. His entire body is involved to make his tail wag when he sees me, to show how excited he is. I got him to do the “sit” trick and this may sound weird but he seems to hug back when I carry him to cuddle. And I have done things for him that I never thought I would do for a pet, which includes feeding him, giving him a bath, and most importantly picking up after him.

Jeop  and Yugo on bandana day
Jeop and Yugo on bandana day


And now I find myself really being sad at the thought that I have to leave him behind, and afraid that he might forget me and consider me a stranger when we come back from post. We could bring them to Libya, but it would cost too much plus since we have yet to find a place to live there, we don’t know where we can put them when we stay in a hotel until we do find a place to live.


Next to my mom, my family, and my friends, I will really really miss Jeop. Because he now has become all that, my baby, family, and my friend,all rolled into one.

Jeopardy,by the way JG named him thus his name
Jeopardy,by the way JG named him thus his name

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