Boracay At Last

JG took me to Boracay as a gift for my 25th birthday. And I have to say that its one of the best birthday gifts I’ve received in my life because I have always had this thing about beaches and has always fantasized of life on an island. Another reason is that since I’m a summer baby, most of the time, I spend my birthdays going out of town for a swim. But we rarely go to the beach, mostly just pool resorts, because my parents neither had the time or money to take us to a good beach, let alone fly us to Boracay. In fact, there was a point in my life that I didn’t see or got near a seashore for almost a decade. Which is why, growing up, I have always had this idea that going to the beach is the ultimate summer activity, my rare visits has left me longing for it.

And since everybody knows that Boracay is one of the best beaches to go to here in the country, it has always been a dream of mine to be able to get there. But like a lot of things in my life, there are more important things that I should attend to. And I have accepted that I might not be able to go there, I was even starting to sour grape, and tell myself that Boracay is over rated.


Even when JG said that he wanted to take me there, I was a little hesitant, and told him that we could just use the money for more important things that we might need, or just put in our savings account and save it for a rainy day. And I thought that he would agree since JG isn’t a big fan of beaches, he’s more of the cold places guy like Baguio and Tagaytay. But he insisted, and argued that it would be a shame when we get to other far off countries and not be able to see what we have in our own backyard. And he also added that I really have issues when I get expensive gifts.


So off we went.


img_1525The trip was also my first plane ride, my first trip out of Luzon. I’m not very demanding so we got tickets to the most affordable plane we can afford, so lets just say, it wasn’t first class experience.

img_1595At Boracay, we strayed in a small resort called Jony’s located at Station one. I recommend that you try staying there when you visit Bora, because the staff are incredibly nice, the room and their amenities are really good; and their prices are really reasonable.



There were still a lot of vacationers, which most people say lessens the vibe of the place. I guess some people really prefer the secluded areas. But I didn’t mind, I was just glad to be there in a beautiful island walking along a beautiful beach.


img_1603Another thing that happily surprised me when I got there, was that everything wasn’t that expensive as I thought it would be, especially with food.  But the price range wasn’t that jacked up, and you get enough of what you pay for. And if you’re really in a tight budget, bring some instant noodles and for dinner try the grilled foods sold by local teens by the shore. JG highly recommends the Churi Burgers.


JG who is usually very thrifty with our budget cut loose and arranged for us to go island hopping.

img_1645We went snorkeling, which was good and bad for me because as much as it was amazing to look under the sea, it frustrated me that I was at the mercy of my life vest because I can’t swim and wouldn’t be able to dive deeper with the fishes and touch the corals and have a closer look.


There was buffet for lunch on another island where I met a little local boy, who offered me some nice shells. I told him I didn’t have any money with me so I wouldn’t be able to give him any coins. He said it was okay, and gave me the shells anyway. As we walked he talked about the sourrounding islands and bragged about how a good swimmer he was; I asked who taught him how to swim and he proudly said, “Ako lang.”(Just me). He kept asking if we wanted him to take our picture for us, but eventually left me when I said no. As we walked back I wished I had taken the picture of my little tour guide friend.


My least favorite part about the island hopping was the visit to Crystal Cove. The two caves wasn’t much for me especially when you had to pay for something you can only see for a few minutes and take longer to get in and out than actually enjoy the place.



The last stop was at Puca island where except for a few vendors and locals, the beach is still pretty much hasn’t been touched and the best place for a swim. The water is deeper than the beach in the main island. But its also clearer and have less waves which is great for floating around and enjoying the moment.



However some people there really just treat Boracay as a social status, especially the teenagers and pretend teenagers who walk around talking in Paris Hilton english wearing tiny bikinis and over priced flip flops, taking pictures with their long lensed cameras, that they carefully carry around afraid that it might get wet, taking pretend pictures of their pretend tattoos and inhale as they smile so their tummies would look slimmer.



The rest of our stay was spent eating, swimming, and relaxing. And as I sit on the sand beside JG, I decide that the beach will always be my favorite thing about the whole trip, because its just perfect, a place that God intended for people to go to at least once in their life, especially when you have a thing for beaches like me.



3 thoughts on “Boracay At Last

  1. samantha says:

    I can feel you’re still griping about the teenyweenies. I’ll take you to a beach where there’s none of those pretentious adolescents, only us, pretending to be big stars. 🙂

  2. anna banana says:

    I love your blogs 🙂 especially this one and the yearender.

    Happy New Year, and thank you for keeping me company the past year. Here’s to an even more adventurous, exciting and blessedly grand 2010 for you and me and our loved ones.

    Your fan,

    • diplowife says:

      Hi Anna Banana,

      Thanks for your comment. You remember in Tagaytay, I told you about how much I wanted to be able to travel? It’s really nice to think that me and JG was able to do just that. Thanks again for the comment, especially that it’s coming from you. We miss you dearly, and is looking forward to seeing you again. Hugs and kisses.

      Your friend’s Diplowife.

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