Jobless And Looking Forward To It

I’m back at the unemployed list. The last time I lost my job, it was really unexpected and there were a lot of uncertainties. But things are different now, I decided to resign from work a couple of weeks after JG told me to because we could be posted soon. Its still a bit uncertain, JG’s posting isn’t official, and things could change. But he seems sure about it, otherwise it would really suck that I had to quit my job.


It is okay though, like I said the circumstances a little over a year ago when I suddenly had to leave the company I worked in for four years were a bit on the downside for me. That time, I really didn’t have anything ahead of me, nor do I know how am I going to be spending all the time that I have. Even if I didn’t really liked the type of work I was doing then, I needed the money, I didn’t have a hobby, and was scared that I might never find a job that would help me find a little sense of fulfillment.


But now, personally there are a lot of things that I have ventured in that has really made feel better about myself. Over the course of six months, I have learned how to sew, or is at least trying to learn, and is really enjoying it. They say that a good hobby is something that relaxes you, and pushes you to be good at it until it becomes a skill. I have found that in sewing.


I’ve also mentioned that I’m studying to speak French. I have always to learn but neither had the time, nor the resources to pay for the tuition. I’m now on module two, and can proudly introduce myself and say basic phrases like a true…tourist. I can’t say I’m good at it, but I’m trying really hard, even JG says so.


Another great thing is that JG likes to travel and because of that I have found the chance to explore our country. Something again time and resource has hindered me to do in the past. And it is a good thing because someone once told me that it is important that you be familiar with your own country before you go out abroad.


As for the job I recently resigned from, I really enjoyed my stay there albeit it being short lived. I was able to find the things that I was looking for in a company and in a career. If I wasn’t married to a diplomat and didn’t have any plans of leaving, I would liked to stay longer and learn as much as I can. I picked up a couple of useful skills which I know will be able to help me in the future, plus has made friends with a group of kind and amazingly intelligent girls.


So now the only challenge I see in this new experience is how I can be a good home maker for JG. I look forward to it, don’t get me wrong, but it is a challenge because I’m not the domesticated kind if girl. I used to think that if a man loves you, he will accept you no matter how flat footed (as my mom would call it) you may be. I am lucky because JG has always assured me that he doesn’t mind that I am not as good as running a home as his mom is. What I didn’t know then was that when you find someone who loves you as much, you would want to return that love. In my case that would have to be through learning to be a better homemaker for JG.


So here’s to looking forward to continuing my quest for self-improvement, life abroad, and striving to be the best wife I can be.


7 thoughts on “Jobless And Looking Forward To It

  1. If you ever fail on becoming the best homemaker, let me assure you that you will instead be the amusing young wife with domestic misadventures.

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