At The Final Set

It was a really busy couple of weeks for me, which is why I haven’t been able to post an entry.

Anyway last Saturday JG and I went to see the Eraserheads’ in concert.

The Eraserheads
The Eraserheads

We got there really early so we can be sure we get good seats (it was an open field but we still managed to literally get seats thanks to one of my friend’s rapport and ingenuity). We weren’t that close to the stage but we weren’t that far either, so I didn’t complain. 100,000 people were expected to watch the concert which is why it was important that we find a good spot. This was my first huge concert, and as paranoid as I may sound (which I really am), I didn’t want to get trampled on case of a stampede or a riot.

After a couple of hours of wait, and having to endure MTV Vj’s who did nothing but read out a long list of sponsors, the concert finally began. I’ve always wanted to experience watching a monstrous concert, sing along and listen to thousands of people sing out a good song all at once.

It was a great experience for me, because as I told JG, I was glad that my first huge concert was of a group that had a big role in my generation. They were the ultimate band back then and the songs they made popular, no one can’t sing verbatim. I kept telling my friend, that it’s amazing to think that most of the people around us were probably the same kids we commuted with to school, but now all grown-up with self-bought digicams and 3G phones.

Back then it was lit lighters, today digital gadgets.
Back then it was lit lighters, today digital gadgets.

Of course there is not a place or event in the Philippines, without the “posers”. You know, the ones who were there claiming to be loyal fans, but truth is just wanted to be in with the crowd. These include: The Emo-boys/girls who came in planks; rich kids who kept complaining how hot and crowded it was; and celebrities who could afford to buy VIP tickets but don’t even know how to sing the popular lines, worst couldn’t even get a popular title right.

But I have to come clean that I am not a huge fan. At least not as big as JG is, he has all their albums in cassette tapes, magazines and pictures of the band in the peak of their career, and he knows all the words to their songs. JG was one of the few who continued singing along even when the Eheads were singing their unreleased/side B songs.

Me, I was just there to catch up with good friends, watch my diplomatic husband be a fan, and watch the biggest band of my generation play together for the last time.


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