JG and I are not big fans of Valentines, so we just spent the weekend relaxing at home. Although this is our first Valentines as a married couple, previous experiences have taught us that making eventful plans alongside all the other couples in the Philippines is just stressful and pressuring, not to mention awkward.

Anyway, something more interesting happened to me last Friday. My blog and a portion of it were mentioned in another blog by a former UK diplomat. It was interesting because I never thought that anyone other than JG (which does it due to marital obligations) reads my blog. Unfortunately, his comment about my blog isn’t positive. He was in fact, as JG put it, making fun of me a little.

 Let me first say that I am not mad nor is this entry any ways of firing back at what he wrote, he was just siting his opinion and I respect that. Like I said, I just find it interesting to know that someone bothered to read my blog, thus is worth writing about.

Anyway the blogger is Mr. Charles Crawford, and his entry was about the many diplomatic blogs coming out, and its different kinds. You can just go to the link, so you can see for yourself, (JG says I should just let it go and that I’m just giving the guy more publicity, but I don’t mind). But here is the part that he wrote about me.

“And here is a newish blog by a young diplomatic wife Diplowife and her Misadventures. She tells the world more than maybe the world needs to know about her biological functions, plus she maybe could work on some hard-end negotiation technique:

Unfortunately, kids don’t like me. I don’t believe in physical discipline, which is why I don’t spank my nieces/nephews/younger cousins when they’re being difficult; they probably know I don’t have the heart to hurt them, which is why most times – they spank me.”


I wasn’t surprised when JG actually agreed with what Mr. Crawford said about me, that I was being too personal with my entries, and giving too much information. And as JG pointed out, that there’s a difference between a diary and a blog, and I should avoid writing about things people doesn’t want or need to know.

Just to be clear, when I made this blog, I wasn’t really thinking about people half-way across the world. Maybe to use as inputs for his blog, Mr. Crawford googled “diplomatic blogs”, and came across mine; I can imagine his disappointment when he didn’t find anything that discussed international relations or consular concerns. I just really wanted a place where I can write my thoughts on things. It just so happens that I married a diplomat, which made me into a diplomatic baggage. That is a big part of who I am now, so I thought of using it as a theme for my blog.

If my blog misleads other people about its contents, that’s unintentional. And I do want to write about diplomatic topics, but more on the lighter side like travels and cultural diversity, but I leave the politics and all the intellectual stuff to JG. In fact, I don’t like politics so much I do not even exercise my right to vote,(I’m one of theose people who doesn’t see the point) what more improve my “hard-end negotiation techniques”.

And besides I also said that aside from being the Diplowife, I am also a young woman who is adjusting to married life and its challenges. And I strongly believe that pregnancy and child rearing are things someone in my position considers and gives much thought, thus believing it important and relevant to write about in my blog. And as shameful as it is that I cannot even stand up to an infant who resorts to physical means, that was the truth, and I really don’t see anything wrong in writing about that. Do you?  



2 thoughts on “Quoted

  1. Sara says:

    Dear Diplowife,

    Thank you so much for writing your blog! My husband and I are going through Medical Clearance right now and of course he’s going through Security Clearance. I’m so excited to find your blog and hopefully glean some insight into a young couples adventures.

    I’m sure my blog will ge quite like yours once we get to our first post. I’m going to keep reading your blog. Thank you so much for keeping your world public so I can use it for my future world.

  2. diplowife says:

    Hi Sara,

    I should be thanking you for reading my blog. When I started my blog, I hoped that other Diplowives like me should read it and would be a way for me to meet them. But I never expected it, because I always think I have nothing that interesting to write about. But I’m glad to know someone like you looks forward to my entries. I truly hope I don’t disappoint. I have seen your blog and is excited to read it too, I hope to learn from you as well, especially with matters of parenting. Anyway, I’m glad to meet you in the blogging world.

    The Diplowife

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