Why I Don’t Like Richard & KC

My MIL only watches shows on GMA, so these past few weeks I have been seeing a lot of channel  7’s promotions of KC and Richard’s latest “valentine movie offer”.  And I really don’t see what the fuss is about. kc-n-rich

I was texting my friend the other day, and we agreed that we would rather watch the Sarah & John Lloyd sequel, because in my opinion KC and Richard have nothing on the tandem from “A Very Special Love”.  As I was telling my friend, it’s probably because KC and Richard manifest their fan’s frustrations of being good-looking, rich and famous. The way I see it, KC and Richard had it easy because they already had their families/parents established names in the Philippine entertainment industry. And there is nothing wrong with that, except that I don’t think their talents don’t stand up par to what is expected of them, or what a lot of people say.

Someone said to me the other day that I should watch their movie first before I make judgment. I don’t need to because every day, GMA gives updates on the film as it is being shot, and every day, you see the cast giving reports on their progress. In short, I have practically seen it. I must say that GMA is going overboard in promoting the film; there is no longer room for anticipation, not even curiosity.

sslGoing back to their talents, I don’t know why Richard’s fans don’t see that he can’t act at all; that his facial expressions, whether sad or happy, are one and the same. KC on the other hand I think is acting too much, that the natural talent we expected from her supposed inherited genes seem to not show.

This brings me back to why the prince and princess of showbiz royalty can’t compare to the likes of Sarah and John Lloyd. S& JL didn’t have popular parents to help boost their popularity. I have never seen one single trailer of S&JL’s new movie, but I can’t wait to see it, because I know I’m in for a treat, because it’s a movie with actual talented actors.

Although Sarah may not be as refined or as internationally educated as KC, Sarah can really sing, natural talent that brought her to fame. And to my pleasant surprise, she can really act as well. How can I gauge whether someone can act or not? You ask. Like I said, when I watch KC, Ikc-c can never get over the fact that she is the daughter of the Megastar, and the spitting image of her dad. She’s just KC Concepcion, acting a part. Sarah, on the other hand; in her movie with JL, I found myself engaged in the story, because she gave the character life, someone I could believe exists and naturally expressing what her character probably would in that situation. And I was really entertained; even fell suckered to imitate the now famous “sun dance”. And even KC’s mom, no other than Sharon Cuneta, even if she’s household name in our country, I forgot that she is who she is, when she portrayed Monique in Maging Sino Ka Man or how funny she was with Andrew E in MeGamol, and how she completely broke away from her usual roles in Crying Ladies.

richardg2And then there’s Richard Gutierrez, what can I say, his one and only look really brought him a long way. You know, the one where his brows are close together, muscle jaws tight, his lips in a thin pout, as he stares intently in the camera? His signature look, whether his in love, in a fight scene, or portrays a cyborg.  I think that was his best role – a robot, he really did that well, don’t you think so? And should I compare him to John Lloyd Cruz’s acting ability? I don’t think that’s necessary.

I also noticed that when they are interviewed on TV and asked what they think of each other as an actor/actress; each would describe each other adjectives like: Malambing (sweet), maasikaso (accommodating), down-to-earth, mabait (kind), professional, and my favorite, walang “keme”(don’t know how to translate that exactly, sorry). Not one mention of their acting abilities, I have friends who are exactly like that, but that doesn’t mean they can star in their own movies. That means even Richard & KC know they can’t act, otherwise they would’ve mentioned it by now when asked. Even from an outside perspective, showbiz talk show hosts would say, “Ang ganda ng movie, maganda ang storya. Panoorin nyo.”(It’s a beautiful movie, the story is good. Watch it), never mind the acting, as long as it has a good story to tell. They should make it to a book then, so we won’t have to put up to Richard and KC’s lack of talent.    






4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Richard & KC

  1. Hi, I found your blog randomly, and I absolutely agree with everything you say in this entry. And now i’m beginning to question why KC Concepcion had such a lavish education when she was just going to use her status to become an “actress” and “singer”.

  2. whoah! i find ur blog very brave and blunt^^
    yet i need to agree,y?cause ur saying the truth and i really wanna puke seeing how “plastic” they are oncam…
    truly they have nothing against SG and Lloydy’s tandem. *piis :D*

    btw like u blog it’s long yet i can’t help reading it.
    maybe bcuz ura good observer and ur frank abt what u see ^^
    keep it up!

    gah this is all based on MY opinion we have our own right?
    so pls. do respect:D

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