For Mantha

mantha n nacay

mantha n nacay

One of the things that I wasn’t able to do, because I was so out of sorts over worrying about JG, was to get a going away present for one of my closest friends. She will be leaving for Cebu this weekend, to spend time with her parents, and turn the Mango Cebu branch around. And due to some personal matters she is thinking about not coming back. Although I know that she doesn’t really mean that, there is still a chance that she might enjoy herself there and come back when JG and I have left for posting. And I still wanted to get her something, but I don’t think we can find the time to meet for me to give her anything. So I thought of writing about the things I will miss about her in the rare occasions that we see each other:


  • The way she still uses words like “salbahe”.
  • How she smiles and sways ala dancing after she takes a bite of food she really likes.
  • How she bows her head, eyebrows together, and pouts simultaneously when she needs to think about something.
  • The way we call each other with our literal middle names: Nacay and Mantha.
  • Her determination and discipline to lose weight.
  • Her successful weight loss.
  • Her samanthaish remarks.
  • Her sense of style.
  • How she always says “okay lang matalino naman ako e.”
  • Our long talks and her stories.
  • That she will always be the exemption to the rule.



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