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As stressed and anxious I am about the whole pregnancy thing; there is really nothing I can do, but wait. What I forgot to mention is that if I’m not pregnant, then there is probably something wrong with me. And although I may not be ready at present, I still want to have kids someday. And when I think about it, I’d rather be unprepared than to never get the chance at all.


So on to less serious matters.

I recently stumbled upon Jam 88.3 on the FM bandwidth. My work nowadays requires me to be less interactive with co-workers, so as not avoid making errors. So I rely on my music phone to help not be saturated with customizing keywords all day.


I liked the mentioned station because they played a lot of the kind of songs I like, by artists that I really admire like Jason Mraz, John Meyer, Coldplay, and etcetera. They even play Sara Berailles, Corrine Bailey Rae, and even songs by Regina Spektor. I usually listen to Rx (Monster Radio 93.1), because I’m long time fan of the Morning Rush. And I’m sure you’d notice that most radio stations have the “masa” format, complete with DJs that proudly calls themselves “Slobs & Swindlers”, which laughs like monkeys, and talk like my local gay hairstylist.  

My only problem with RX is that they usually just play mainstream songs that are on top of their charts. These daysjam88.3it’s a lot of Jonas Brothers, Beyonce, Chris Brown, and the David’s of American Idol. So that’s usually their playlist which they randomly play the whole day. Except on Wednesdays when they play hits from the past (same idea as Friday Magic Madness on Magic 89.9).

However, as much as I enjoy Jam’s playlist (as far as my taste in music is concerned) their DJ’s have nothing on the guys at RX. They’re not that bad, and admire that they stick to English as a medium; it’s more of the content and delivery that I don’t like. It is just not as witty as say, Rico, Gino and Danielle; or as wise and genuine as Chico & Delamar. My least favorite in RX are Iggi and Fran at Jumpstart, but that’s just because I think they’re too konyo for me, but that’s who they are, but both jocks make a lot of sense just the same.

Which is another thing I don’t get with the DJs at Jam; Iggi and Fran at RX are just really being who they are, if you forget about the fact that Fran likes to say Dude, or the Iggi is an Amboy, who has a hard time with Tagalog, and listen intently, you get the feeling that they’re young, hip, and intelligent broadcasters. With DJ’s at Jam, you get a feeling that they try to be conversationally sharp, but don’t actually get there. Basically, they can speak good English, but like in the Mraz song, don’t have the wordplay as the guys at RX.

DJs of RX
DJs of RX

I am not saying they are all bad at Jam; I like Tabitha, because whenever she introduces a song she gives very interesting insights which implies that she really has knowledge with the genre of the music. But most of the other DJs really exasperate me. (I know this is getting long again, but I must really get this out).

First of, there are these two boys that goes on board at 9 to 12, I think one of them is Eric T, who likes to get lost in jargons just they can show of how much of a know-it-all they are. The other day, one of them was rambling about car engine parts for 10 whole minutes. I counted because I couldn’t wait for them to play a song. And then two other boys at 6pm decided to imitate vendor’s barking tactics, but still do it with an accent.

And then there’s Tracy… You probably know her as a court side reporter for tracyUAAP, or as the Mall Diva. When I said Fran (of RX) was too konyo for me, I meant that because I think she is genuinely social. Yung matalinong sosyal. Tracy on the other hand uses the same slangs as Fran, except she likes to say stupid things. The other day, she called U2 music as “popish rockfish”, what is that? Popish Rockish sounds like a name of a one peso junk food I used to buy from the corner sari-sari store. She likes to say things like “I’m a girl, girls don’t know those things…” in the most obnoxious girly way imaginable. Or, “I love the 3D version of Toy Story!” Uh, what other version is there, Anime version? She also likes to give out “exclusives and inside information” which she says she gets from “website sources”, which is really responsibly “credible” for a broadcaster.  My favorite is when they were interviewing a Scottish artist (I think it was Colette Mckendrick) via phone patch and Tracy asks, “As a songwriter, would you be writing a song about this interview?” What kind of question is that? If  I were a pop star and she would asks me that; I would say yes, and tell her I’d call it “Worst Question I Ever Had To Answer”.

What I would give if RX uses the same playlist as Jam. But I guess you can’t have it all. I’ll probably just listen to Jam when Tabitha is on board. However as far as talk-radio is concerned, my loyalty will have to stay with RX; because their DJs don’t just talk, they actually know what they are talking about. As suppose to others who just want to show of their shallow skills.                          


2 thoughts on “On The Radio

  1. i saw this post and can’t help but ask who would put a dumb chic on radio? I heard tracy and she’s got nothing to offer but stupid giggles and mindless inserts to conversations she doesn’t even understand. Get that stupid mf off air before she ruins jam. oh yeah, u2 don’t give a shit about this one, she can go kiss their billion dollar ass. -daniel

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