Review: One (Wholesome)Night Only

One Night Only
One Night Only

Aside from Iskul Bukol, JG and I also saw One Night Only during the Holiday break. And like him, we were both surprised and agreed that we liked it better than the T.V. & J. reunion flick. However, let me make it clear that I only liked it a little, again, more than I liked Iskul Bukol, or at least not as much as JG liked it.



 I liked the movie (a little), because the story was good. Basically, it’s about a group of people that are all connected to each other. The story evolves in the events of the day, where they all end up going to the same motel. Let me see if I can get the connection:

So Diana wanted to sleep with John who was seeing Valerie; whose the friend of Jennilyn who was with lesbian Manilyn, who manages Assunta, whom is being seduced by Paolo, who is loathed by Ogie that is the friend of Chocolate who is hairdresser of Ricky’s wife who wants to bed Katrina who is a good friend of Diana.  

I liked it because it was fast paced and the situations they found themselves in were a little interesting. I liked it because it wasn’t slapstick; it didn’t end with a corny moral of the story, and it doesn’t tackle Pinoy clichés like poverty or anyone suddenly finding out that they are someone’s long lost love child.

What I didn’t like about the movie was that I found myself mislead. First off, It casted stars who claimed to be ready to go daring (e.g. Jennilyn Mercado, and Diana Zubiri who was the reason JG wanted to see in the first place), and that it was supposed to be something for the older movie goers. But as JG explained, the MMFF only allows films that are rated PG, thus what was supposed to be a sexy comedy, turned out to be nothing but a cleavage festival.

I’m not saying there should have been breast exposures, or pumping scenes; but it wouldn’t have hurt it showed a little bit of torrid kissing and some green dialogues; some effort to at least challenge its adult target market.  I thought that the movie dived too deep below the rated PG line, that it turned out be too elementary for a grown-up like me. Yes, the plot was funny and unique, all I’m saying it that, you went that far, might as well push it a little further and make it smarter. If you can’t pull it off with artsy bed scenes then at least challenge my brain with the dialogue. Joey de Leon was able to pull it off in Iskul Bukol (“I want be an Eskimo. Es, es, es…”), and many who saw that film were kids.

Also, on a Sociological perspective (yes, deep…), had they tried to make the script a little wittier, then the characters, especially the lead roles, would’ve had a little more dignity in them. I believe the movie wanted to show the modern Pinay who are as casual with their sexuality as men, but because of the basic dialogues, they all just became easy, ditsy, and promiscuous; instead of liberated and open-minded.

sex comedy?
sex comedy?

In summary, I enjoyed the film, but not that much. It was unique, the idea was good, and the flow of the story was well executed. Maybe with a little more intellectual banter, or had it at least did prove to be daring as they publicized it to be, perhaps I would’ve liked it a lot. Close but no cigar.




Favorite Overheard Quote/Conversations  of the Day:

One girl was decribing a friend she was going to set-up with her guy friend;

“Ano sya, pinaghalong Ara Mina at Jean Garcia.”

I don’t think that is a good combination, don’t you? Let’s just hope she nice or smart…


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