Iskul Bukol: The Reunion That Was Not

T.V.& J.
T.V.& J.

I was actually excited when I first heard about the Iskul Bukol Reunion flick a few weeks before Christmas. I rarely go to the cinemas to watch local films; I must admit that I am one of the many who does not have very high appreciation to our movies as much as I do with Hollywood films. I usually just go depending on who’s staring, or who I’m watching it with; otherwise I watch it on TV or “borrow” (not buy) a CD. But I must admit that I’m a sucker for our local producer’s weak attempt towards romantic stories, no matter how corny they are. So Christmas day, JG and I went to see it.



Anyway, Iskul Bukol really psyched me because it’s been a long time since T.V. & J. got together for a movie. More than expecting it to be funny, it’s a kind of a thing that will bring together the three generations that grew up on their films and Eat Bulaga. I thought the movie was going to be like the original TV show. I already expected them to add on new faces aside from the original members (since it did say it was a reunion), including the trios three children. I guess it was for added audience market that want to see if Carlene Aguilar can act, or for those who has a crush on Ryan Agoncillo (who by the way didn’t say a word in the movie).

To be honest I was looking forward to them bringing back a lot of the Pinoy comedic clichés. Like the slapstick opening where they’d somehow end up hijacking a cariton, and creating havoc on a busy street sending joggers, sobeteros, and pregnant women flying off the streets to avoid them. Or where they’d have a big beach outing where everyone is invited and they’d do a dance number to the tune of the film’s title. And who could forget how they’d join forces to rescue the leading ladies that were kidnapped; armed only with dos-por-dos against the goon’s armalite (sic) because the police always arrives late.

But, to my disappointment, I didn’t like it. Yes, the scenes that had the Escalera brothers (topped with Jimmy Santos) in it were hilarious; but the parts with Vic Sotto and his Indiana Jones adventures were really tiring. My theory is that they wanted to insert parts were children and people who we like to call mababaw ang kaligayahan can relate to in the movie, thus the Enteng Kabisote inspired parts, when it should be about a reunion. Sure there was a reunion, five minutes of it, which reminded me of skits we did in my Values Education class in high school. And to think, all that publicity about bailing Richie the Horsey out for the film, when he only said two lines in one scene.

At least the scenes on the Escalera brothers were there to save it. I have no words to describe it, except that I think that only true Pinoys can get the humor Tito and Joey brought to the film. If you saw the movie, then I hope you know what I mean. I also thought that Jimmy Santos was great in the movie, especially his “Hapon” running jokes.

So if you haven’t seen Iskul Bukol and you’re a fan of the Tito, Vic and Joey; I suggest that you just watch it on DVD I’m sure you’ll easily find it in Quiapo. Or wait for GMA to show it in a year or so on TV; they wouldn’t bleep anything because the bleeped parts are part of the joke. It’s still in theaters but don’t waste your 170php. If you like the Okay Ka Fairy Ko franchise, then go see it, but if you’re after the rare chance to see TV&J back in action, you won’t get your money’s worth. I know I didn’t.




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