Batch 14

Last Monday, JG and I attended his DFA friends’ Christmas Party.  And I was a bit more stressed about it this year compared to last year, since I am now his wife and his parties are now my parties, even though he wants nothing to do with my parties which should be his parties too.

about two years ago
about two years ago

For those who don’t know, DFA screens their new officers with a battery of really difficult exams held every year. And the group that passes that year is of course your batch mates.  JG got lucky, because his batch mates are not only brilliant professionals; they are also really nice people. I think the fact that they were only twelve of them in their batch, as suppose to say other batches that could fill up a classroom, made their bonding stronger. And for some reason, they all hit it off; something I already noticed the first time I met them back when they’ve only known each other for a couple of months.

The weird thing about this for me is that they all seem very different, and yet they get along so well. I could hardly begin to describe them, as their personalities are so diverse.  And I refuse to think that it is only their intelligence that keeps them together, or I could be wrong.  If you were at their party, you’d probably think that they either have known each other for years, or they’re related.

As far as JG is concerned, I think that his batch mates are heaven sent. My husband is not very sociable, and the type of person that chooses his friends very carefully. He’s not a very big fan of emotional attachments, (another mystery as to why he married someone as overtly emotional as me).He doesn’t even interact with his relatives. In a group, JG is usually the one you’d find quietly sitting in a corner just observing things.  But he seems a little different around his batch mates; he likes to talk about them, one thing he didn’t do with his previous jobs. And believe me JG doesn’t like to talk about people that much. Before his batch mates, his only topics were mostly how Batman saved the Justice League again, or something he read about in Time or Newsweek.

I always look forward to the “batch 14 anecdote” of the day/week or whatever;  sometimes when I feel like I’m going to have information overload from my husband’s intellectual ramblings, I ask about his friends and how they’re doing so I can even the odds with things I can actually relate to or understand. But most especially, I get to see a different side of him, unlike his boy genius, comic fan boy, often brooding personality.  I mean, he’s not bad thaat their christmas party last mondayt way; it’s just nice to see a more caring part of him.

The irony about all this is that the thing that brought them together is the same thing that’s going to pull them apart – their jobs.  It makes me sad to think that there probably won’t be another Solidaridad (that’s what they named their batch) Christmas party next year, because they’ll all be posted somewhere in the world. I can hear JG saying, “Eh, ganon talaga.” (That’s just how it is), but I know deep inside, even if he’ll never say it aloud, he will really miss them.  I know I would.


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